Startup Showcase:—Turning Shortened Links Into Goldmines

Reinventing Link Monetization: How Helps You Earn Revenue with Every Click

Welcome to this week’s Startup Showcase on Today, we are zooming in on a startup that has given the age-old concept of link shortening a lucrative twist. Based in Szczecin, Poland, is on a mission to not only simplify your links but to turn them into revenue-generating assets.

Revolutionizing a Familiar Concept: Link Shortening with a Twist isn’t claiming to have invented the wheel. However, it is putting a unique spin on it. Link shortening services are plenty, but goes the extra mile by allowing users to earn money from every click on their shortened links. It’s as simple as 1-2-3: shorten a link, share it on social media, a blog, or a web page, and get paid for every visit. While the concept may not be groundbreaking, the execution certainly is. has garnered over 20,000 registered users and shortened more than 1.5 million links—a testament to the demand for its service.

Driven by User Feedback: Built For the People, By the People

Before diving into development, the team sought to understand what people really needed. Through landing pages and feedback forms, they collected invaluable insights into what users were looking for in a link shortening service. Using this feedback, created a system that is not just easy to use but also beautifully designed. It’s a user-centric approach that sets apart from the crowd.

Tools That Empower: Maximizing Revenue for Publishers

But is not stopping at link shortening. The company is currently working on developing a system with accurately targeted ads to further boost revenue. also offers a variety of tools for publishers to maximize their earnings, including scripts, API, WordPress plugins, and Tumblr monetization codes. According to Product Manager, Kornel Szwaja, this is just the beginning. The ultimate aim is to create a platform that serves both advertisers and publishers in a mutually beneficial way.

Keep exploring EU Startups  Can AI Transform Corporate Culture Towards Inclusive, Diverse, and Engaged Workforces? is a startup that not only understands the power of simplicity but also leverages it to create a win-win for everyone involved. It’s one of those rare platforms where both ends of the advertising spectrum—from the individual link sharer to the large-scale publisher—can benefit.

For those interested in simplifying their links while simultaneously turning them into money-making machines, here’s where you can find out more about

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Keep exploring EU Startups  Can AI Transform Corporate Culture Towards Inclusive, Diverse, and Engaged Workforces?
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