Who are Noord-Holland’s Most Influential SaaS Startups Shaping 2023?

As SaaS (Software as a Service) continues to dominate the tech industry, an emerging hotspot of innovation rests within the quiet serenity of Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. A combination of thriving research facilities, a culture of innovation, and a structured investment environment makes this region the nurturing ground for ground-breaking SaaS startups. This piece explores 15 stellar Noord-Holland SaaS startups that are transforming various industries with their innovative offerings.

With a focus on everything from compliance and mobile apps to SEO and marketing automation, Dutch startups are developing high-tech solutions to meet the evolving demands of the modern business environment. With a wealth of knowledge and tech expertise, these startups are well-positioned to become the future leaders of the SaaS industry.

The list of startups provided does not follow a specific ranking but aims to give you a comprehensive overview of the exciting SaaS landscape in Noord-Holland. By acknowledging their potential for growth and significant early results, the intention is to stimulate further interest and investment into the region’s tech scene.


Yoho is designed to streamline task management and development for frontline employees. By facilitating efficient information sharing and skill development, Yoho is transforming how businesses operate across various industries like Compliance, Mobile Apps, Productivity Tools, and more. Its founders, Jan Princen and Robert Kehres, have geared the startup to enhance both employee engagement and the bottom line.

SO Connect

For businesses aiming to enhance their online presence, SO Connect offers effective tools for success. Founders Daan Donders have created a platform that focuses on consumer reviews, SEO, marketing automation, reputation management and much more, making winning online an attainable goal for local businesses.

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Cape provides an innovative solution for creative and campaign automation. Developed by founders Eelco Van De Wiel, Frits Mahovic and Michiel Blonk, it is particularly catered to the automotive industry but has broader applications as well.


Clappform is a unique player in the realm of AI SaaS companies. Founders Diego Tolen and Tom Griffioen are pioneering the use of machine learning and IT to create innovative business solutions with Clappform.

SACS Global

Improve team productivity and efficiently manage on-ground operations with SACS Global. This SaaS solution by founders Mohammed Badran and Tareq AL Mashini offers an integrated approach to manage processes and operational efficiency.


Bookex simplifies management for long-stay travel. Ideal for travel managers, travellers, and suppliers, it is a comprehensive platform built to streamline the bookings process.


E-Comm-In supports global eCommerce businesses by providing an automated VAT SaaS platform for cross-border tax compliance. The startup is set to transform the processing and handling of taxes for businesses operating across borders.


Propeller offers a B2B and D2C commerce software-as-a-service platform that provides businesses with complete control over their data for improved management and strategic planning.


Yeagger provides a software-as-a-service platform specifically designed for the needs of marketplace entrepreneurs, enabling them to manage various operations effectively.


Salesmentor is an innovative SaaS platform that offers a specialized focus on improving the effectiveness of sales strategies for businesses of all sizes.


CookieFirst is a GDPR and CCPA compliant Consent Management Platform. Founders Kees Bos and Tom Bos prioritized creating a platform that merges legal necessities with practicality and user ease.

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Skuld Technologies

Skuld Technologies developed by Josep Burgaya Pujols and Pieter Bas, focuses on enhancing software quality and managing technical debt, offering practical solutions for the enterprise software industry.


Founded by Anne-Christine Polet, HATCH pioneers the digital showroom concept for fashion brands, aiming to promote smarter, faster and more sustainable wholesale selling.

Knight Capital

Knight Capital, founded by Diederik Ingen Housz and Paul Montagne, serves as an equity partner for software companies, providing financial services and leveraging a freemium model.


Buddee is a cloud HR administration platform for SMEs. Founded by Rob Toonen, it’s an essential tool for companies aiming to streamline their human resources processes.

These SaaS startups reflect the unique blend of innovation and skill found in Noord-Holland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. With their forward-thinking approaches, they’re set to redefine their respective industries and leave their mark on the global SaaS landscape.

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