Which Bayern Apps Startups Are Pioneering Technological Innovation in Europe 2023?

The tech startup scene in Bayern, Germany is buzzing with innovative ideas and ground-breaking solutions. A healthy combination of ingenuity, talent, and a supportive startup ecosystem has allowed a diverse range of businesses to flourish. This vibrant landscape is particularly marked by a rise in app startups, offering solutions across sectors including health care, logistics, pet care, ecommerce, and more. Let’s explore some of Bayern’s most promising app startups and what they’re all about.

One such startup is Cineamo. Founded by Kersten Neubert, Philip Käfer, and Stefan Farnschläder, it presents an innovative approach to film distribution. The platform is ideal for movie buffs as it provides individual cinema ideas and suggestions. Check them out here.


Cineamo operates within the Film Distribution, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Software industry. The app has been built with the goal of revolutionizing the film distribution process and providing users with personalized movie recommendations.

For those keen on health and wellness, Tangerine promises to keep their health in check. The application helps in tracking users’ daily routine to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Visit tangerine.app to know more.


Operating within the Health Care, Mobile Apps, Personal Health, and Wellness sectors, Tangerine leverages technology to aid users in their fitness journey. The app offers features crafted to help users track and maintain their daily routines, thereby promoting a healthier lifestyle.


Turning to the shopping realm, Carlo rewards users for shopping! Carlo is active within the Apps, E-Commerce, Internet, and Shopping sectors. The app adds an extra layer of joy to the shopping experience by offering rewards each time you shop. Check out their website at carloapp.com.

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Ensuring the health and safety of our furry friends is PetLEO. The app helps pet owners stay informed about potential threats like poison bait and other community warnings. Find more about them at petleo.net.


Active within the Apps, Health Care, and Social sectors, PetLEO is the perfect companion for pet parents. The app works by informing users about potential dangers in their surroundings which could pose a threat to their pets, thereby ensuring their safety.

For those focused on workplace health and wellness, Senseble Health has got it covered. Co-founded by Thomas Kirchner, the platform provides digital health solutions for employees. Visit www.senseble.de for more information.

Senseble Health

Senseble Health operates within the Apps, Fitness, Health Care, Human Resources, mHealth, and Wellness spheres. Their goal is to promote workplace wellness through a platform that makes digital health solutions accessible to employees.

Finally, for those who want everything delivered at their doorstep, there’s Brinc. A local delivery platform, Brinc promises to deliver everything needed in your daily life, quickly. Whether it is groceries, drugstore articles, flowers, or other everyday essentials, they have it covered. Visit brinc.de to know more about their offerings.


Active in the Advertising Platforms, Consumer Goods, Delivery, E-Commerce, Flowers, Franchise, Logistics, Medical, and Mobile Apps sectors, Brinc is dedicated to making everyday life easier for users. With its quick and wide-ranging delivery solutions, Brinc has transformed the way we shop for daily essentials.

With a wide range of offerings, these app startups in Bayern, Germany are making a significant mark in their respective domains. They serve as excellent examples of how technology can be leveraged to offer convenient and innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

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