Who Are Lombardia’s Most Influential Food and Beverage Startups in 2023?


Lombardia, the most populated region in Italy, is becoming a hotspot for innovation in Europe. Its impressive startup ecosystem, especially in the Food and Beverage sector, reflects the region’s drive to combine traditional Italian cuisine with modern technology. In this article, we highlight 15 promising startups from Lombardia that are revolutionizing the food and beverage industry under the Italian sun.

1. Qodeup

Qodeup is a digital payment platform designed with the needs of restaurants in mind. It’s bringing modern financial services to the Food and Beverage sector, creating a more streamlined and convenient way for eateries to handle transactions.

2. Ktchn Lab

Ktchn Lab takes an innovative approach to the restaurant business model. Co-founded by Andrea Roberto Bifulco and Nicola Ballarini, the company creates and manages virtual restaurants that sell food and beverages.

3. Cafe 124

Born out of the passion of founders Ivan Marchese and Mario Alemi, Cafe 124 offers a selection of coffee-based drinks and roasters. The startup combines the beloved ritual of drinking coffee with the accessibility of e-commerce.

4. Bewilder Beverages – Selvatiq

Selvatiq, part of Bewilder Beverages, is carving a niche in the industry as a producer and seller of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

5. Carne Genuina

Enabling customers to connect with breeders directly, Carne Genuina is reshaping how meat is sourced and delivered. It brings fresh, quality meat right to the doorstep with the help of a frozen courier service.

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6. Orteat

Orteat combines the wisdom of traditional agriculture with the innovation of modern technology, offering a delivery service for organic fruits and vegetables.


REPUP helps the food and beverage companies manage their online reputation, providing advertising and social media marketing services.

8. Avo Brothers

Avo Brothers offers more than just food; it’s a culinary experience that showcases the creativity and passion that goes into Italian cooking.

9. Jojolly

Co-founded by Davide Drammis and Mattia Ferretti De Luca, Jojolly offers a platform for employers to find suitable staff within a short time

10. Ultimo Tocco

Ultimo Tocco makes a wide variety of delicious food accessible to everyone through its web and mobile platforms.

11. Pollicino

Pollicino is a family restaurant that caters to every event and occasion with its authentic Italian dishes.

12. Promo Club

A powerhouse in retail, Promo Club is a chain of stores that sell clothing, jewelry, furniture, travel essentials, consumer electronics, and food and beverages.

13. Alimentiamoci

Co-founded by Nicola Lamberti, Alimentiamoci simplifies the shopping process by providing an easy and affordable way to shop for recipes and corresponding ingredients.

14. Foodinghy

For those at sea, Foodinghy provides an invaluable service. The company offers food delivery services at anchor and in port based on online orders.

15. Babaco Market

Co-founders Francesco Giberti and Luca Masseretti have created a unique ecommerce platform that sells “ugly” grocery products with a subscription-based model. Babaco Market is challenging preconceptions and helping to minimize food waste.

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