Which Noord-Holland AI Startups are Revolutionizing the European Tech Scene?

The Dutch province of Noord-Holland is no stranger to technological advancements. The province, which houses one of Europe’s leading tech hubs, Amsterdam, harbors a vibrant community of Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups. These AI startups are changing the game in various industries, leveraging cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, advanced computing, and intelligent automation to revolutionize everything from FinTech and health care to sports and wedding planning.

While Noord-Holland’s thriving tech scene is remarkable in itself, what sets these startups apart is their dedication to utilizing AI for good – whether it’s improving patient outcomes, making financial transactions safer and more transparent, or democratizing access to sports training, among other endeavors. In this feature, we’ll highlight 15 such startups that are at the forefront of this vital tech frontier, making waves, and recasting what’s possible in their respective sectors.

Below are some of the most promising AI startups in Noord-Holland, each with a unique mission and vision, but all united by a commitment to driving change and pushing boundaries through artificial intelligence.


Sentinels is an AI-driven transaction monitoring startup that focuses on preventing financial crime. Co-founded by Joost van Houten, Sentinels utilizes the transformative power of machine learning and information technology to keep financial processes safe and secure.


Conceived by Madelon Bracke and Piet Hein van Dam, Clear measures blood glucose levels in real-time using a chip-implanted arm patch and an app. This fusion of AI, healthcare, fitness, and personal wellness offers unprecedented potential for managing diabetes and maintaining optimal health.

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Ludimos, an AI startup co-founded by Madan Raj Rajagopal and Said Zadou, is harnessing the power of AI to maximize player development in cricket. Their innovative platform uses AI and machine learning for advanced sports training.


At Hypherdata, founders Jana Miniarikova, Mehrzad Karami, and Sjoerd Geurts have established a B2B marketplace for life science-oriented data. The marketplace uses machine learning and AI services to health diagnostics, and IT, among others.


Co-founders Harish Kumar, and Vinita Singh’s CrawlQ.ai offers advanced AI-powered market research and AI-Content writing, aimed at equipping founders, marketers, and content creators with the tools they need to excel in the digital marketplace.


Startup SurveyAuto, founded by Umar Saif, uses machine learning on satellite imagery for accurate survey targets. It also helps tracking and monitoring enumerators in real-time.


Clappform is an AI SaaS company founded by Diego Tolen and Tom Griffioen. They leverage the power of AI, machine learning, and software to provide innovative solutions that drive the digital economy.


Tailo offers a conversational intelligence platform that promises to transform how organizations interact with customers, providing them with insights, better conversion rates, and improved customer service.

Emerging Horizons

Emerging Horizons, founded by Olivier Rikken, equips businesses to tackle upcoming technologies using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Blockchain.

Quantamix Solutions

Harish Kumar’s Quantamix Solutions develops content automation AI software for founders, marketers, and copywriters, turning content creation into a more efficient and streamlined process.


wedoido is revolutionizing wedding planning, using smart tech to help couples create their dream wedding.

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Fashion AI startup Lalaland, founded by Harold Smeeman, Michael Musandu, and Ugnius Rimsa, generates models of different sizes and skin tones for fashion brands using artificial intelligence.


Amazonkoopjes utilizes AI to perform price comparisons, helping consumers get the best deals on their purchases.


summy, a startup founded by Timo Nijhof, uses AI to create automated video summaries, condensing longer narratives without losing the essential elements of the story.


Playpost, founded by Jordy van den Aardweg, turns articles into audios using AI for a natural-sounding result.

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