Which Biotech Startups are Transforming Ile-de-France’s Industry Landscape in 2023?

Ile-de-France, a densely populated region encompassing the French capital, Paris, is also emerging as a hotbed of cutting-edge biotechnology startups. With French companies developing innovative solutions across fields like life sciences, genetics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the biotech scene in Ile-de-France is brimming with potential. This piece will delve into 15 Ile-de-France-based startups, offering key insights into their diverse offerings. From gene therapy companies to those focusing on areas like precision oncology, auto-immune diseases, and plant breeding technologies, these companies represent the dynamism and innovative strength of the Ile-de-France biotech landscape.

Mnemo Therapeutics

Founded by Alain Maiore, Mnemo Therapeutics is a pioneering player within the broader biotechnology and life science sectors, with a specific focus on creating solutions for oncological treatments using their patented technology.

WhiteLab Genomics

WhiteLab Genomics is an innovative bio-tech startup that aids gene and cell therapy companies in developing affordable drugs faster, by providing them with advanced digital tools.


DeepLife, co-founded by Jean-Baptiste Morlot and Jonathan Baptista, uses the power of deep learning on multi-omics data to model cells and effectively manage their behavior.

EG 427

EG 427, ushered into existence by luminaries Alberto Epstein and Philippe Chambon, is gaining recognition for its “pinpoint gene therapy” approach in gene therapy, an exciting frontier in genetic medicine.

Ermium Therapeutics

Co-founded by Jean-Philippe Herbeuval, Ermium Therapeutics is working towards developing innovative therapies for auto-immune diseases, largely an unmet medical need of our times.

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Epigene Labs

Akpeli Nordor and Arthur de Garidel’s brainchild, Epigene Labs, is making headway in developing genomics-driven drugs for precision oncology.

Home Biosciences

Led by David Schilansky and Magali Richard, Home Biosciences stands unique as a European venture builder that specializes in biotech.


Founded by Raphaël Rodriguez, SideROS is yet another innovative venture in the biotechnology domain based out of Ile-de-France.

Plantik Biosciences

Plantik Biosciences, a brainchild of Aditya Nayak and Ying Shao, aims to expedite plant breeding with state-of-the-art technology.

Corlieve Therapeutics

Corlieve Therapeutics is a promising biotech startup spearheaded by Richard Porter. It’s working extensively in the biotechnology and health care spaces.

Gradient Denervation Technologies

Gradient Denervation Technologies pioneers a unique, transvascular treatment for pulmonary hypertension with their cutting-edge medical device.

Regen Lab France

Regen Lab France is carving its niche in the biotechnology sector, primarily dealing in pharmaceuticals.


SynHelix is set to revolutionize the biotherapeutics development sector with its innovative solutions to solve issues faced in DNA constructs supply.


Bringing its innovation to in vitro diagnostic medical devices that preserve and process solid samples, Diagante is setting a high bar in the biotechnology field.


Combining artificial intelligence and biotechnology, Insiliance is focusing on optimizing CNS drug (re)positioning and treatment.

All these French startups are standing testament to the country’s innovative capabilities and are forging ahead to make a tangible difference in the world of biotechnology. Their ground-breaking work is already attracting global interest and investment, paving the path for a brighter and healthier future.

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