Which Berlin Social Startups are Reshaping Europe’s Digital Landscape?

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is not just a hub for historical landmarks and diverse culture, but it’s also known for its thriving startup scene. It ranks amongst Europe’s top three startup hubs and has fostered numerous successful ventures. As the city grows into a tech nucleus, many social startups have come to light, offering innovative solutions across various sectors. This article aims to showcase a selection of such innovative social startups in Berlin.

Moving beyond traditional social networking, these startups incorporate all elements of social activity – from fashion and marketing to HR and agriculture – presenting a well-rounded representation of Berlin’s startup landscape. These ventures are contributing significantly to diverse sectors, creating engaging content, connecting communities, and driving social impact in the increasingly digital world.

The following startups have been handpicked for their cutting-edge work and unique contributions. The compilation provides a brief overview of each startup’s core offering and key information about the founders of these ventures. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.


Influnate is a promising startup in the fashion and payment industry founded by Philipp Jahn. This one-of-a-kind financial tool lets social media influencers send and receive money via their platforms. It aims to revolutionize the financial side of the influencer domain, thus providing greater ease and convenience.

MONSOON – Online Marketing Agency for Impactful Brands

MONSOON is a digital marketing agency under the keen leadership of Maciej Baraniak. Offering a holistic approach towards digital marketing, it focuses on invigorating the clients’ digital business. The startup specializes in app marketing, email marketing, lead generation, and social media advertising, among others.

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Plankton is a SaaS solution for independent blogs with their own domain and own server. Plankton offers users the possibility to share a preview of their posts in the form of a teaser with other users on their respective blogs. Say goodbye to toxic plattforms and hello to digital freedom.

We connect arts

Hailing from the digital marketing and consulting industry, We connect arts, founded by Ana Paula Henriques da Silva, offers branding, digital marketing, social media, web, and graphic design services along with video production and consulting. The startup is committed to connecting arts through digital channels.

Social Boost Online Marketing

Social Boost Online Marketing is a marketing firm offering a range of services including social media marketing, digital advertising, and online marketing. Their objective is to provide their clients with a significant boost in online visibility and engagement.

Berlins Neue Kinder

Berlins Neue Kinder is a media company that provides branding, creative content, image campaigns, video, and marketing consulting services. The startup aims to champion innovative media production and content creation.


cvlogin, founded by Birol Kabakoglu, Ralph Werner, and Suhat oglu, is a novel platform that aims to revolutionize the recruiting industry by enabling users to create online resumes, thus offering a more streamlined recruitment process.


Mello is a mobile app established by sisters Anna-Lena Gerber and Henrike-Marie Gerber that aims to connect parents and create communities through its platform, hence fostering positive social impact.

Project 33

Located at the intersection of marketing and personal branding, Project 33, founded by Finn Thormeier, helps B2B software companies grow sustainably with Founder Branding.

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Couturista, the vision of Dr. Chadi Abdul Rida and Sophia Hess, is an online shop and magazine for fashion and lifestyle, aiming to provide the latest fashion trends and lifestyle content through its platform.


Contributing to greentech and fashion, SNAZZ is an artificial intelligence-based fashion platform by founders Hannes Trettin, Matthes Trettin, and Toni Gurski. It serves the sustainable fashion industry in an effort to make fashion more eco-friendly.


Agriculture industry disruptor Farmlyplace develops and implements versatile and modular farm businesses and systems for urban, rural, or remote living concepts, thus driving social impact in farming practices.


t7berlin, the brainchild of Larisa Pitkevich, crafts sustainable seamless 3D knitwear. The startup is driving social impact in the fashion industry by creating sustainable consumer goods.


Fusing entertainment with social media, Volojoy, founded by Heissam Hartmann, offers a platform for personalized video messages from celebrities and influencers, elevating user experiences.


Guided by Leonard Witteler, Pascal Steck, and Stephane Roux, Wonder is an online platform that provides a virtual space for people to meet and converse, thus transforming the way virtual meetings are conducted.

These Berlin-based social startups are the perfect testament to the city’s vibrant and diversely developing startup scene. The evolution of these businesses is a reflection of Berlin’s continuous growth as a startup hub, encouraging more entrepreneurs to innovate and redefine the conventional.

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