Which French Industrial Startups Are Revolutionizing the European Market in 2023?

The industrial startup scene in France is rich in creativity, innovation, and forward-thinking enterprises. These startups represent a broad range of industries, including fashion, manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and battery technology, among others. Here, we take a closer look at 15 of them that are not just pushing the boundaries in their respective industries, but also shaping the future of industrial startups in France.

These innovative new businesses leverage the latest technologies and trends, disrupting traditional business models and reshaping the way we think about industry. What is most striking is the incredible diversity of ideas and approaches taken by these startups, as they work in fields as varied as apparel design, battery manufacturing, software development, and more.

Let’s delve into these startups, examine what they do, who they are, and how they are paving the way for more innovation in their sectors. If you’re looking for a startup that’s shaking things up in the industrial space, this list will give you an excellent starting point.


Co-founded by Pablos Holman, Komposite is a next-generation apparel company that merges fashion, industrial automation, and manufacturing. Komposite is revolutionizing the apparel industry with advanced manufacturing and automation techniques.


Founded by Geoffrey Guilly and Julien Subercaze, AItenders provides tender and contract management software for various industries ranging from artificial intelligence, civil engineering, construction, and more. This platform is shaping the industrial landscape by automating and streamlining procurement functions.

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EIT Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing brings together professionals and companies related to manufacturing, aiming to develop a community. As an industrially focused non-profit, EIT Manufacturing offers a cohesive platform for innovation in the manufacturing realm.


Specializing in plastic injection moulding products, QTool stands out as a manufacturer with a keen focus on product design and industrial manufacturing.

ACI Groupe

ACI Groupe is an industrial design and manufacturing company that specializes in machinery parts and sub-assemblies, including maintenance services. Its comprehensive approach makes it a one-stop-shop for industrial design needs.

REKA Industry

As a partner for industrial electricity, REKA Industry provides an array of services including machinery manufacturing and robotics. Its niche in electrical distribution makes it a key player in the industrial engineering field.

Wyzen Group

The Wyzen Group offers digital engineering services for construction and industrial sectors, providing modern IT solutions to these traditionally analogue industries.


Founded by Jonathan Brossard, Moabi is a cybersecurity startup that specializes in information, IoT, and connected car security. With reverse engineering, they are setting new standards in the cybersecurity sector.

Maas & Co

Maas & Co is an online and offline shop that sells kitchenware, bakeware, industrial vintage, and lifestyle items, bringing a unique blend of online retail and industrial products to the eCommerce scene.

JPE Dallages

Dedicating to providing industrial flooring and decorative concrete services, JPE Dallages stands out with its specialization in industrial construction and home decor.

ThinkDeep AI

Co-founded by Martial Papilllon and Vincent Van Steenbergen, ThinkDeep AI offers explainable AI for critical systems. They are makers of Deepflow, a Lean AI tool for quality control in industrial manufacturing.

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Imprimerie de Champagne

Offering quality control and quick turnaround times, Imprimerie de Champagne stands out in the printing industry with its high-performance equipment.


Verkor is a French industrial company working to amplify battery cell production. Co-founded by Benoit Lemaignan, Christophe Mille, and Philippe Chain, the Verkor team is driving innovation in the battery and electronics industry.


Co-founded by Boris Gusarov and Damien Cuny, Kompozite provides a digital platform that collects material data and creates efficient constructive solutions, in turn revolutionizing the construction industry.

Automotive Cells Company

The Automotive Cells Company designs and manufactures sustainable automotive batteries, filling a critical gap in the clean tech and automotive industries. Their approach blends innovative manufacturing and cleantech practices, disrupting the automotive battery industry.

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