Is This French Innovation Dominating Enterprise Speech Recognition Software?

Key Takeaways:

  • Telisma S.A. is a French software company specializing in speech recognition technology.
  • The company offers products like TeliSpeech, teliSpeech Recognizer, teliSpeech Studio and teliSpeech Call Router that have transformed voice activated services in telecommunications and enterprise applications.
  • Founded in 2000, Telisma operates as a subsidiary of Onmobile Global Limited, with its base in Paris and subsidiary sales offices in UK and India.
  • Future potential of Telisma lies in the rapidly evolving ecosystem of speech recognition software in enterprises.

As digital transformation strategies become more complex, there’s a French innovation that’s redefining the scope of enterprise speech recognition software. Named Telisma, this Paris-based firm specializes in speech recognition software used in telecommunications and enterprise-enabled applications. Established in the year 2000 by Eric Le Flour, Telisma has steadily built a substantial market reputation for the elegance and effectiveness of its software solutions.

Telisma claims a position of strength in the industry because of its innovative line of products. TeliSpeech, its speech recognition software, integrates voice-activated services accessible to various users. The teliSpeech Recognizer is an automatic solution that recognises the particular language of callers over the phone – making it a popular choice in the telecommunications industry. Alongside these, teliSpeech Studio and teliSpeech Call Router are other crucial products in Telisma’s product portfolio that are making an impact in telecommunications and enterprise speech-enabled applications.

What sets Telisma apart from its peers is its unhesitant embrace of innovation. The company consistently innovates to stay ahead of the technological curve, identifying new methods of harnessing the power of speech recognition to fuel its growth and product enhancement initiatives. The firm offers tailor-made solutions to meet the specific requirement of companies, positioning it favourably in a market that is increasingly customisation-oriented.

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Other key differentiators for Telisma are its technical support services, prototyping, training and consulting services. These services ensure that Telisma is not just a product supplier, but a reliable partner that companies can work with to optimise their speech recognition capabilities. In summary, Telisma’s forward-looking approach, coupled with its focus on customer-centric services, makes it a standout player in the enterprise speech recognition software market.

Looking to the future, Telisma has the potential to continue shaping the rapidly evolving field of enterprise speech recognition technology. With speech-enabled applications increasingly becoming the norm rather than the exception in today’s digital workplaces, Telisma’s innovative solutions are likely to be in demand.

Moreover, as a subsidiary of Onmobile Global Limited since 2008, the company has the strategic advantage and resources to continue expanding its market footprint and impact. You can connect with Telisma to know more about their speech recognition solutions on their website

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