Which Belgian Marketing Startups Are Most Influential in 2023?

In today’s globalized world, startups have the daunting task of carving out a niche in their respective industries. This challenge is especially evident in the field of marketing, where innovation and creativity are fundamental to success. One geographic region that houses promising marketing start-ups is Belgium. This article will showcase a list of 15 distinctive marketing startups in Belgium, providing a brief background on each enterprise, its founders, and the services it offers.

Belgium, synonymously known for its waffles, beers, and chocolates, is gradually making a name for itself in the world of digital marketing startups. Driven by a unique blend of creativity and tech-savviness, Belgian entrepreneurs are crafting innovative solutions that are reshaping the marketing space. From health tech to real estate, these startups are making noticeable waves in different sectors.

Whether it’s revolutionizing lead generation strategies, creating compelling digital content, or providing cutting-edge web development services, these startups embody the tenacious spirit and innovative mindset required to thrive in today’s competitive markets. Without further ado, let’s dive in and explore these exciting and promising Belgian marketing startups.


Ooho is harnessing the power of health tech, life science, and digital marketing to foster growth in the health sector. Founded by Thomas Beuls and Tom Claes, Ooho is designing compelling marketing approaches that boost visibility and reach for digital health startups.

PSG Group

Next, we have the PSG Group, a marketing startup focused on advertising. PSG Group aids businesses with marketing strategy definition, content creation, marketing analysis, and project evaluations. Through their unique approach, they deliver a thorough conceptualization and execution of marketing campaigns.

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Hike-Up – spearheaded by Christophe Masse and Sebastien Archambeau – leverages digital channels to generate leads and boost sales for businesses. Their integrated approach to sales and digital marketing makes them a powerful catalyst for company growth.

Win Leads

Win Leads is carving a niche within the real estate sector by generating leads for real estate buyers and sellers. Their innovative solutions are making property hunting and selling easier and more convenient.

Artimon Digital

Artimon Digital is a creative powerhouse offering web development, SEO, digital marketing, and consulting services. Their comprehensive portfolio ensures businesses can reach their target audiences effectively in the digital realm.

Maarschalk Consulting

Maarschalk Consulting is another Belgian startup playing an instrumental role in reshaping companies’ marketing and business strategies. Their realistic and tailored approach to strategy development assists businesses to improve their market positioning.


The ampa creative agency stands out with its unique blend of content creation, strategy evolution, digital marketing, and branding services. This powerful mix enables businesses to resonate with their audience and foster brand loyalty.


Merluno is a consultancy providing coaching, data science, identity, strategy, and market research services. By leveraging these areas, they equip businesses with the insights and direction needed to thrive in their respective markets.

At the table

At the table is a branding agency that seamlessly integrates brands into media with their concept, storytelling, and content creation services. With their help, businesses can build a strong brand identity and narrative that connects with their target audience.

Aurore Communication

Aurore Communication is a full-service advertising company offering web design, marketing, emailing, SEO, and graphic design services. With their multi-disciplinary approach, they are well-equipped to meet the diverse marketing needs of businesses.

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Alegórix bridges the gap between businesses and their customers through their top-notch web development and digital communication services. With a mission to enhance online experiences, Alegórix is driving success and growth for businesses in the digital realm.


Founded by Philippe Gelder, treetz provides a dynamic barometer that allows businesses to stay connected with consumers effectively. Their innovative solutions are particular assets for companies looking to launch new products successfully.


GiveActions is making a difference in the advertising space by promoting advertisements that support associative projects. Their unique business model enables businesses to give back to society while also gaining visibility.


plantrekkers, headed by Brechtje De Splentere, is a consulting firm offering services in marketing, information technology, web design, and web development. With a knack for innovative strategies, they’re enabling businesses to navigate best through digital landscapes.


Last but not least, Cardify, founded by Bram Van de velde, operates as a SaaS company providing solutions for salespeople to operate faster and more personalized. Their offerings bring speed, efficiency, and customization to the sales process.

Beyond doubt, these Belgian marketing startups are revolutionizing the industry with fresh and creative ideas, making marketing more efficient, impactful, and personalized in today’s digital age. The future indeed looks bright for them as they continue to evolve and inspire numerous other entrepreneurs worldwide.

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