Which Dutch Cosmetics Startups Are Transforming the Beauty Industry in Europe?

The Netherlands, renowned for its innovative start-up scene, is also making its mark on the cosmetics industry. An array of Dutch start-ups are revolutionising the way consumers purchase and use cosmetics – offering everything from organic skincare to luxury beauty products. Here, we explore fifteen exciting companies from the Dutch cosmetics start-up scene, shedding light on their unique offerings and the minds behind their success.

Dutch consumers are increasingly prioritising health and wellness, and these start-up companies cater to these evolving tastes by championing natural ingredients, eco-friendly practices, and exclusive products. These start-ups are meticulously handcrafting cosmetics to address a variety of consumer needs, from beauty and skincare to lifestyle and wellness.

So, let’s dive in to discover these innovative Dutch cosmetics start-ups that are redefining beauty, health, wellness, and ecommerce. As we explore each company, keep an eye out for captivating beauty trends, breakthrough solutions, and the ambitious vision of Dutch cosmetics entrepreneurs.


Tiptopdeal.nl is a one-stop online shop for various products including clothing, furniture, cosmetics, electronics and more. They redefine online shopping by offering a diverse range of products in one place.

Kore Beauty

Catering to the Korean beauty trend, Kore Beauty provides a wide array of Korean beauty products and cosmetics for consumers who appreciate international beauty trends.


Huidpraktijkshop is a virtual beauty store, offering skincare and cosmetics products that cater to various skin types and beauty needs.

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As a young and dynamic company, Simiediscount offers a variety of perfumes and cosmetics products online, catering to a broad customer base.


Coconails offers a selection of beauty products, focusing primarily on all things nails – from nail polish to nail care products.

Chok Chok

Chok Chok dedicates itself to delivering an extensive selection of skincare products that cater to various skin types and address different skincare needs.

Herbs & Crafts

Herbs & Crafts is an online marketplace for skincare products that embrace natural ingredients and craftmanship, combining beauty and wellness for a unique shopping experience.

Organic Atelier

Organic Atelier focuses on haircare, offering an online platform for hair coloring products that cater to different hair types and coloring needs.

Comme Ça Skincare

Founded by Charlotte Seijerlin, Comme Ça Skincare crafts luxury skincare products using natural ingredients, delivering high-performance results for its users.

The Sisters

The Sisters offers a wide array of cosmetics and pharmaceutical brands online, bridging the gap between beauty and healthcare.


Beauty4sale is an online beauty shop offering a diverse range of beauty products for various needs, making beauty accessible for everyone.

Pure Honey

Specializing in honey-based products, Pure Honey offers natural cosmetics and raw honey, promising natural ingredients and ethical practices in its products.

Marie Paris Cosmetics

Marie Paris Cosmetics is an ecommerce shop that offers a plethora of beauty and cosmetic items, bringing Parisian luxury and sophistication to the online shopping experience.


Founded by F. vos and P. Leon, Biqbask is an online store offering a wide range of items including cosmetics, electronics, kitchen appliances and more, making it convenient to shop for varied necessities.

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ROYZZA BEAUTY offers a selection of eyelashes and cosmetic products online, catering to consumers who prioritize enhancing their eyes and improving their overall look.

These fifteen Dutch cosmetic start-ups represent the current trends and shifts in the cosmetic and ecommerce industries. As consumers continue to prioritize health, beauty, and convenience in their purchasing decisions, these start-ups are well-equipped to meet these evolving demands.

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