Unveiling Zuid-Holland’s Digital Revolution: Innovative Internet Startups

Exploring the Dynamic Tech Landscape of the Netherlands' Zuid-Holland Province

In the heart of the Netherlands, Zuid-Holland is buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit and a thriving tech ecosystem. This region has become a fertile ground for innovation, housing a plethora of startups that are making significant waves in the online sphere. From e-commerce to digital marketing and beyond, these startups are redefining the game. In this article, we introduce you to a diverse array of remarkable internet startups that are putting Zuid-Holland on the global tech map.

Restocks: Where Sneaker Enthusiasts Connect

Restocks has created a haven for sneaker enthusiasts, providing a dynamic platform for buying and selling coveted kicks. Co-founded by Fouad Hamaidouch, Restocks has evolved into the ultimate marketplace for sneakerheads.

Hello 24/7: Your 24-Hour Assistance Hub

When you need household help, DIY guidance, or gardening expertise, look no further than Hello 24/7. Founded by Arthur Clement, this app connects users with an extensive network of service providers available round the clock.

Qobalt: Crafting Digital Excellence

At Qobalt, digital brilliance is their specialty. This creative agency excels in web design and digital marketing, crafting online experiences that captivate and engage audiences.

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Forwardis: Pioneering Data Integration

Forwardis serves as the connective tissue for successful business launchers, facilitating valuable information sharing and networking within the industry.

Seegers[cc]: Masters of Communication

Founded by Roel Seegers, Seegers[cc] is a team of freelance communication consultants who excel in digital marketing, PR, and marketing automation.

Ichicraft: Empowering Microsoft 365

Ichicraft is an IT company that enhances Microsoft 365 with powerful extensions and develops custom solutions in SharePoint, empowering businesses to thrive.

Party-FestivalGear: Your Party Partner

Party-FestivalGear is your ultimate online store for all things related to parties and festivals, offering a vast selection of products to elevate your event experience.

Booming Marketing: Crafting Customer Journeys

Specializing in online customer journey strategy and social media, Booming Marketing helps businesses navigate the digital landscape effectively.

FlyBySpace.com: Revolutionizing Workspace Rental

FlyBySpace.com introduces an innovative platform for peer-to-peer short-term rental of business spaces globally, catering to coworking and meeting needs.


WINTER HOMEDESIGN brings the beauty of flowers and home decor products directly to your doorstep through their online store, adding a touch of elegance to your living space.

DIBALO: Dress with Confidence

DIBALO is your ultimate online shop for fashion products that empower you to express your unique style with confidence.

De Wijntros: Uncorking Excellence

De Wijntros offers a curated selection of wines and spirits through their user-friendly webshop, ensuring you can savor the finest flavors.

PROTOBit: Your Electronic Playground

PROTOBit is your one-stop webshop for electronic components, catering to tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Vind je Huidtherapeut: Skin Care Simplified

Vind je Huidtherapeut is an online platform simplifying the search for skin therapeutic treatments, making self-care accessible to all.

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Hip En Mooi: Where Beauty Meets Accessories

Hip En Mooi is a web store that adds a touch of elegance to your style with its exquisite jewelry and accessories, elevating your fashion game.


Zuid-Holland, with its thriving startup ecosystem, continues to prove itself as a fertile ground for internet-based innovation. These startups represent just a glimpse of the exciting developments taking place in the region. From e-commerce to digital marketing, each startup is carving out a unique niche in the digital landscape, making Zuid-Holland an enticing hub for tech enthusiasts and visionary entrepreneurs. Keep an eye on these game-changers as they redefine the internet startup scene in the Netherlands and beyond.

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