Exploring the Video Startup Ecosystem in France

Discover the French video startups that are shaping the future of video technology and entertainment.

In the dynamic world of startups, France has emerged as a hotspot for innovation, and the realm of video-related ventures is no exception. From video streaming and gaming to artificial intelligence-driven analytics, these 15 French startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the video industry. Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of video startups in France.


Website: api.video

In an age where video content reigns supreme, api.video provides the essential infrastructure for seamless video streaming.


Website: TapNation

TapNation is your destination for mobile gaming excellence. With a focus on creating chart-topping games, TapNation brings gaming enthusiasts together.


Website: Videtics

Videtics is at the forefront of AI-powered video analytics, revolutionizing video surveillance and analysis.

PopScreen Games

Website: PopScreen Games

PopScreen Games is making waves in the world of mobile gaming, creating captivating gaming experiences.


Website: Salto

Salto is your gateway to a world of entertainment, offering a diverse catalog of content for creators to showcase their talent.


Website: IZISPIK

IZISPIK breaks down language barriers through remote learning, connecting individuals for immersive language experiences.


Website: PicWicToys

PicWicToys brings joy to children and parents alike, offering a wide range of toys and video games while promoting creativity through workshops.



Nosotros is a game-changer in sports education, connecting coaches, trainers, and researchers for immersive online training experiences.

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Website: Liv’Vet

Liv’Vet combines technology and veterinary care, pioneering teleconsultation and communication solutions for animals.

Homo Ludens

Website: Homo Ludens

In the world of video game development, Homo Ludens stands out as an inclusive and independent studio, driven by a passion for gaming.



ARC AGENCE combines the art of visuals with the power of storytelling, crafting captivating audiovisual experiences.

Lady Who Productions

Website: Lady Who Productions

Lady Who Productions offers a creative touch to the world of filmmaking, dedicated to bringing stories to life.


Website: LemonTalk

LemonTalk revolutionizes customer communication with chat and video solutions, enhancing customer relationships.


Website: Recruzilla

Recruzilla simplifies job hunting with digital job dating, driving innovation in the recruitment industry.

Startup Sergio

Website: Startup Sergio

Startup Sergio is your go-to resource for entrepreneurial guidance, providing valuable training, tutorials, and tools for startup enthusiasts.

These 15 video startups in France are paving the way for the future of video technology and entertainment. Whether it’s gaming, AI-driven analytics, or innovative communication solutions, these ventures are making their mark in the industry.

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