Unveiling the Innovators: 15 Fascinating Computer Startups in France

Exploring the cutting-edge computer startups reshaping technology and innovation.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, France is emerging as a hub of innovation. From quantum computing to artificial intelligence solutions and software applications, French computer startups are at the forefront of technological advancement. Join us as we delve into the world of these 15 exciting computer startups, each with a unique vision and purpose.


Website: PASQAL

PASQAL is pioneering quantum computing with its quantum processors, offering solutions for complex computing challenges. Founded by Alain Aspect, Christophe Jurczak, and Georges-Olivier Reymond, this startup is at the forefront of quantum technology.


Website: Monk.ai

Monk.ai is an international artificial intelligence solutions company specializing in automating vehicle damage detection. With founders Abou Laraki and Faycal Slaoui, Monk.ai is revolutionizing the auto insurance and sharing economy sectors.


Website: Graffiti

Graffiti is changing the retail game by helping brands and retailers enhance customer engagement in physical stores through augmented reality and computer vision. Founded by David Cochard, Marie Tors, and Saïd Hadjiat, Graffiti is making shopping more interactive.

Once App

Website: Once App

Once App is a versatile computer software company led by founders Arthur Bonnecarrere and Victor Ferrand. They bring innovation to the software industry with their creative solutions.


Website: ScrapingBee

ScrapingBee is a software company offering a web scraping API that handles headless browsers. Kevin Sahin and Pierre de Wulf founded this startup, simplifying web data extraction.

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ELITE ADMIN – IT provides a range of IT services, contributing to the technological landscape without disclosed founders.


Website: Inasoft

Inasoft is known for creating software applications in SaaS and On-Premises mode for businesses and specialized recruiting solutions. Their contributions to the software industry are led by undisclosed founders.

Smi De L’est

Website: Smi De L’est

Smi De L’est is an IT services company offering various IT solutions along with technical support, making a mark in the world of information technology with undisclosed founders.

Kaisen Linux

Website: Kaisen Linux

Kaisen Linux is an operating system equipped with a set of tools dedicated to system administration, contributing to the world of operating systems and software without disclosed founders.


Website: UDINI

UDINI is a deeptech B2B SaaS company democratizing digital dentistry by integrating intelligence into dental software. Their groundbreaking work is achieved by undisclosed founders.


Website: Cupido

Cupido offers an AI-based profile analyzing API for dating apps to increase user retention and engagement. Their expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision is led by undisclosed founders.


Website: Fleet

Fleet is a Device-as-a-Service B2B solution that includes leasing, warranty, and premium IT support. Alexandre Berriche and his team are transforming IT management and leasing services.


Website: Ikomia

Ikomia is an open-source software company specializing in computer vision, deep learning, image processing, and artificial intelligence. Guillaume Demarcq and Ludovic Barusseau are pioneers in this field.


Website: Wisear

Wisear empowers individuals with high-speed, private, and inclusive controls over everyday devices. Founders Alain Sirois and Yacine Achiakh are bridging the gap between audio, augmented reality, and neuroscience.

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Website: Wallack

Wallack is a cybersecurity and network security industry leader, making strides in securing computer and network systems. Their contributions are led by undisclosed founders.

These 15 computer startups in France represent the cutting edge of technology and innovation. From quantum computing to AI solutions, software applications to cybersecurity, these ventures are driving progress and reshaping the technological landscape both in France and beyond. Stay tuned as they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of computer technology.

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