Walking With The Wounded and Currensea Join Forces to Drive Donations for Veterans in Need

Launching a New Debit Card to Combat the Cost of Living

Key Takeaways:

  • Walking With The Wounded (WWTW), a charity supporting injured British Armed Forces veterans, has partnered with fintech company Currensea to introduce a debit card that allows supporters to make charitable donations with every purchase.
  • The WWTW Currensea card links to users’ existing bank accounts and enables them to round up spending or donate a percentage of their savings when using the card in the UK or abroad.
  • By partnering with Currensea’s unique ‘powered by’ program, Walking With The Wounded aims to increase donations and provide vital support to veterans during the cost of living crisis.

Empowering Charitable Donations with the WWTW Currensea Card

Walking With The Wounded (WWTW), a charity dedicated to helping injured British Armed Forces veterans transition from military to civilian life, has introduced a new debit card in collaboration with Currensea. This partnership allows supporters to make charitable donations with every purchase they make, both at home and abroad, thereby boosting contributions during the challenging cost of living crisis.

The WWTW Currensea card is designed to seamlessly connect to users’ existing bank accounts. It is available to both members and supporters who wish to contribute to the noble cause of assisting veterans. Donations can be made by rounding up spending to the nearest 50p or £1 within the UK, and the same option is available for spending abroad.

In addition to facilitating donations, the Currensea card offers users significant savings when used for transactions overseas. By eliminating the usual fees charged by banks and other card providers, the card enables users to save at least 85% and up to 100% on every transaction abroad. Walking With The Wounded supporters can choose to donate a portion or all of these savings in addition to their donations on UK spending. For example, a user spending $1500 while visiting the USA can decide to contribute 50% of their savings, which could amount to more than £20, while still benefiting from the reduced costs provided by the card.

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Supporting Veterans in Transition

Walking With The Wounded collaborates with the NHS to deliver employment, mental health, and care coordination programs that support veterans and their families during their transition to civilian life. The charity enables veterans to make a positive contribution to society once again by saving jobs, homes, and relationships.

All the donations made using the new WWTW card will play a crucial role in providing vital support to struggling veterans. The funds will be used to deliver employment initiatives, mental health programs, and care coordination services. Since its establishment in 2010, Walking With The Wounded has assisted over 16,000 veterans and their family members, making a significant impact on their lives.

Addressing the Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of living crisis has had a severe impact on charitable donations over the past year. According to figures from Benefact Group, total donations fell from £9.3 billion in 2021 to £4.3 billion in 2022, representing a £5 billion decrease. Additionally, research from Charities Aid Foundation reveals that six out of ten charity leaders are concerned that the cost of living crisis may deter people from donating or continuing to donate.

In such a challenging climate, it is crucial for charities to diversify their donation streams and find innovative ways to engage with supporters. Andy Sloan, Head of Business Development at Walking With The Wounded, expressed the importance of innovative solutions during these difficult times. He stated, “This card not only saves you money but keeps a reminder in your wallet of the sacrifice and determination of our beneficiaries, which can be a daily source of strength too.”

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The Power of the ‘Powered by’ Program

The partnership between Walking With The Wounded and Currensea is made possible through Currensea’s unique ‘powered by’ program, launched in Q4 2021. This program enables charities to issue branded cards to their supporters, thereby increasing donations and expanding their reach.

Currensea highlights the success of the ‘powered by’ program by sharing that one of the charities offering its own card through the program has raised four times as much in donations from Currensea users compared to donations through platforms like Amazon Smile.

Other notable partners in the ‘powered by’ program include Dogs Trust, Royal Marines Charity, Royal Society of Medicine, Royal Trinity Hospice, and St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust, all of whom have successfully utilized branded cards to enhance engagement with their supporters and boost donations.

By joining forces with Currensea, Walking With The Wounded aims to leverage the power of their innovative fundraising tool to increase donations and provide crucial support to veterans across the UK.

To learn more about the Walking With The Wounded powered by Currensea card and to sign up, please visit: https://www.currensea.com/partner/walking-with-the-wounded


Walking With The Wounded and Currensea have united in their mission to drive donations and support for veterans during the cost of living crisis. By introducing the WWTW Currensea card, supporters now have a convenient and impactful way to contribute to the charity with every purchase they make. As the cost of living crisis continues to affect charitable donations, partnerships like this provide vital support to organizations striving to make a difference in the lives of those who have served their country. Together, Walking With The Wounded and Currensea are dedicated to empowering veterans and ensuring that their transition to civilian life is as successful and fulfilling as possible.

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Keep exploring EU Startups  Pioneering Dutch Startup Revolutionizes HR Through Mentorship, Secures Eye-Popping Seed Funding
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