Fundraising Boost for Jigsaw Children’s Hospice: Successful Grant Secures Their Future

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Key Takeaways:

  • Jigsaw Children’s Hospice secures a grant of 6240 GBP
  • The funding will help Jigsaw provide palliative care for adults with terminal illnesses
  • Investment led by Muckle LLP
  • This marked the first funding round for Jigsaw Children’s Hospice

The rising startup, Jigsaw Children’s Hospice, recently announced the successful closure of a fundraising round. For more detailed information about the fundraising, visit their Crunchbase profile.

Fundraising Details:

The healthcare startup, based at Carlisle, Cumbria in the United Kingdom, raised a grant of 6240 GBP. The funding came from Muckle LLP, marking their first major investment into the healthcare industry.

Jigsaw Children’s Hospice is one of the few players in the healthcare industry that primarily focuses on providing residential and day palliative care for adults with terminal illnesses. This much-needed funding round will allow them to continue their much-needed work.

The fundraising event occurred on 2023-07-28, marking a turning point for the startup and its future endeavors.

Looking into the Future:

Jigsaw Children’s Hospice will use the funds to continue its mission of providing much-needed healthcare services. As this was their first round of funding, it highlights the recognition and trust they have managed to earn from key players in the funding world.

This grant can potentially pave the way for future funding rounds and growth for Jigsaw Children’s Hospice.

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