Untapped Potential: The Revolutionizing Move to Empower Women in Tech

Pushing the Barriers: A New Era for Women Returners in the Tech World

Key Takeaways:

  • A significant rise in collaborative initiatives to support women re-entering the tech workforce.
  • The recent Power Hack event allowed women to develop tech solutions for challenges they personally face.
  • 2023 Women In Tech Survey reveals a worrying 76% of respondents have experienced gender bias or discrimination.

A Spotlight on Women in Tech

It’s no secret that the tech industry is predominantly male-dominated. With women holding a mere 27% of tech-related roles, it’s clear that there’s an underrepresentation issue. But the tides are beginning to change as prominent industry players are making monumental strides to shift this narrative.

A Collaborative Initiative

London witnessed an inspiring collaboration earlier this month between industry frontrunners like SheCanCode, FDM Group, Women Returners, and The Tech BAE. This coalition was forged with a singular purpose: to revamp the experience of women returners and those transitioning within the tech world. The goal? To increase the female percentage in tech from its current figure and usher in an era of inclusivity and representation.

More than Just Talk

The event wasn’t just about speeches, although they played a pivotal role in setting the context and motivating attendees. The participants were provided a golden opportunity to use their tech skills for a bigger cause: developing apps, websites, or hosted solutions to support women grappling with challenges as they try to reintegrate into the workforce.

Moreover, the event served as an ideation hub. Attendees brainstormed on innovative solutions for job searches, training for evolving roles, and fine-tuning the onboarding process within tech firms. Tech mentors were at hand, guiding the participants, ensuring the solutions being crafted were not only innovative but also practical.

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Addressing the Elephant in the Room

The 2023 Women In Tech Survey unveiled some unsettling truths. A disheartening 76% of female respondents admitted to facing gender bias or discrimination at their workplaces. Such data underscores the urgency and relevance of events that are geared towards empowering women.

Sarah Mavius, a distinguished figurehead at FDM Group, weighed in on the significance of the event: “Our primary aim is highlighting the immeasurable value of women in STEM. And not just for newcomers, but returners too.” Sarah emphasized the pressing need for systemic changes, urging tech organizations to reflect on their internal policies and broaden career prospects for women.

A Success Story

FDM’s Returners Programme is an exemplar. Boasting an impressive 75% female intake, this initiative has been pivotal in not just helping women reclaim their space in tech but also propelling the industry towards a more diverse future.

Kayleigh Bateman, the driving force behind SheCanCode, resonated with this sentiment, “The tech world is in dire need of talent. And overlooking the potential of returners is a grave mistake.” She highlighted the unique challenges faced by women returning to the workforce – from battling stereotypes to seeking flexible working conditions. “This event showcased potential solutions to these very issues, straight from the women who encounter them,” she added.

In Closing

The recent Power Hack event stands as a beacon of hope. The partnership between SheCanCode and FDM Group is a testament to what’s possible when organizations unite for a noble cause. As Kayleigh fittingly concluded, “Seeing the myriad solutions and projects taking shape has been an invigorating experience. And we owe a big thanks to FDM Group for making it all possible.”

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