Rightmart Group Secures A Whopping €27.5M in Series B Funding, Ushering a New Era for Legal Tech

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Key Takeaways

  • Rightmart Group raises €27.5 million in Series B funding round.
  • The startup has raised a total of €37.9 million over 4 funding rounds.
  • KS / AUXILIA and LVM Versicherung lead the funding.
  • This marks a significant development in the legal tech industry in Europe.

The legal tech landscape is set to undergo a radical transformation as the Bremen-based startup, Rightmart Group, announced a colossal €27.5 million Series B funding round on July 13, 2023. This elevates the startup’s total funding amount to an impressive €37.9 million, following its 4 successful fundraising rounds.

Rightmart Group, listed on Crunchbase, is a pioneering legal tech platform providing a bridge between law firms and customers. This vertical integration means the startup can deliver efficient, comprehensive legal services directly to the customer’s doorstep, setting a new standard for the legal tech industry.

Leading the investment wave were KS / AUXILIA and LVM Versicherung, both showing high confidence in Rightmart Group’s vision and potential. Their investment marks a significant endorsement of Rightmart’s innovative business model and the transformative potential it holds for the broader legal tech industry.

The raised funds are expected to propel Rightmart Group into its next stage of growth. It will enable the company to scale its operations, further develop its proprietary technology, and expand its user base across Europe. The investment also strengthens Rightmart Group’s position as a legal tech powerhouse and validates its innovative business model in a traditionally slow-to-change sector.

Founded in Bremen, Germany, Rightmart Group has been steadily making waves in the legal tech scene in Europe. With the injection of these new funds, the startup is poised to break new grounds and redefine legal services as we know them.

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By linking customers directly to law firms, Rightmart Group creates an efficient, streamlined process that offers significant benefits for all parties involved. It’s an exciting time for this innovative startup, and all eyes are on how they will continue to disrupt and reshape the legal tech industry.

To keep up with Rightmart Group’s journey and developments, visit their official website or follow them on Crunchbase. This milestone marks just the beginning of a new chapter in the story of legal tech.

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