Unleashing the Power of AI: 15 Startups Disrupting Industries in France

From Augmented Insurance to In Vitro Fertilization Imaging, Explore the Latest AI Startups in France

Artificial intelligence is transforming industries and powering innovation around the world, and France is no exception. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 innovative AI startups that are disrupting industries and driving growth in France.

Qantev: Smart Claims Platform for Augmented Insurance

Qantev is a smart claims platform for augmented insurance, utilizing AI to improve the claims process for health insurance. Its technology allows for faster and more efficient claims processing, empowering growth in the insurance industry.

ImVitro: AI-Powered In Vitro Fertilization Imaging

ImVitro is a medical device developer that offers a SaaS platform that applies AI to In vitro fertilization imaging needs. Its technology helps doctors and patients with improved accuracy, safety, and time efficiency.

DeepLife: AI-Driven Cell Modeling and Engineering

DeepLife uses deep learning on multi-omics data to model cells and efficiently engineer their behavior. Its technology allows for better understanding and manipulation of biological systems, revolutionizing biotechnology.

GLIMPS: AI-Powered Cybersecurity Software

GLIMPS is a developer of AI-powered cybersecurity software that identifies malware and threats. Its technology provides cybersecurity for businesses in the age of data, empowering growth and security in the digital economy.

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Continuity: AI for Improving Underwriting for SME’s

Continuity uses AI to help insurances improve underwriting for SME’s. Its technology empowers growth in the insurance industry, making insurance more accessible and efficient for small and medium-sized enterprises.

SpaceSense.ai: AI-Powered Satellite Data Insights

SpaceSense’s mission is to help organizations leverage satellite data to gain actionable insights for their businesses. Its technology empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions based on satellite imagery, driving growth and innovation.

Monk.ai: AI-Powered Vehicle Damage Detection

Monk.ai automates vehicle damage detection with its international artificial intelligence solutions company. Its technology enables quick and efficient handling of vehicle insurance claims.

PhotoRoom: AI-Enabled Product Image Capturing

PhotoRoom is an AI-enabled image capturing app that lets users create studio-quality product pictures in seconds. Its technology revolutionizes product photography and e-commerce.

Videtics: AI for Video Analytics

Videtics provides artificial intelligence for video analytics, allowing businesses to gain insights from video data. Its technology empowers growth in industries such as security and retail.

Leakmited: AI for Locating Water Leaking Pipes

Leakmited is a company that locates water leaking pipes using AI and satellite images. Its technology allows for quick and efficient detection of water leaks, empowering sustainability efforts.

Belive.ai: AI-Powered Retail Optimization

Belive.ai develops SaaS solutions that help retailers optimize their activities through computer vision and image recognition. Its technology empowers growth in the retail industry, making retail more efficient and customer-focused.

EverReady.ai: AI for Business Growth

EverReady.ai is an AI-powered app that provides solutions that lead to business growth. Its technology empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations for success.

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WeWard: AI-Powered Mobile App for Promoting Drive to Store

WeWard is a mobile app that converts steps into € and promotes drive to store. Its technology empowers growth in the retail industry, making retail more accessible and customer-focused.

QUANT AI Lab: IT-Based AI Company

QUANT AI Lab is an IT-based company that utilizes AI to improve business operations. Its technology empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize their operations, and innovate for success.

Atoptima: AI for Integrated Planning and Optimization

Atoptima provides integrated planning, network design, routing optimization, shipment pooling, SaaS, and AI services. Its technology empowers businesses to optimize their supply chain and logistics operations for success.


These 15 AI startups in France are just a few examples of the incredible innovation happening in the country. As the world continues to rely more and more on technology, the role of AI will only continue to grow. These startups are paving the way for a more efficient and innovative future.

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