Unleashing Milan’s Software Innovators: Exploring 15 Cutting-Edge Startups Reshaping the Industry

Discover the game-changing software startups fueling innovation in Milan, Lombardia, Italy

Milan, the bustling city in Lombardia, Italy, is not only known for its fashion and design but also for its thriving startup ecosystem. In this article, we dive into the world of software startups that are redefining industries and pushing boundaries in Milan. From AI-powered optimization solutions to blockchain-enabled financial instruments, these 15 startups are at the forefront of software innovation. Join us as we showcase the visionaries and entrepreneurs shaping the future of technology.


Akamas delivers an AI-powered autonomous optimization solution that enables businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of service performance and resilience. With their expertise in analytics, application performance management, and machine learning, Akamas is revolutionizing how companies optimize their operations.


Fleap offers web-based applications that provide digital transformation, financial instruments, and blockchain solutions to businesses. With their focus on blockchain technology and fintech, Fleap is empowering companies to embrace the potential of emerging digital trends.

GEL Proximity

GEL Proximity connects eShops, fulfillment operators, and road carriers with a wide range of last-mile delivery services. By leveraging technology in the e-commerce, logistics, and supply chain management industries, GEL Proximity is streamlining the delivery process and enhancing customer experiences.

Ktchn Lab

Ktchn Lab creates and manages virtual restaurants that specialize in selling food and beverages. With their expertise in the food and beverage industry and food delivery services, Ktchn Lab is revolutionizing the way people enjoy culinary experiences.

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Vittoria Hub

Vittoria Hub is a modern workspace project specifically designed for the insurtech sector. By combining information technology, insurance, and software solutions, Vittoria Hub provides a collaborative environment for innovative insurtech startups.


Advigator is an advertising software that offers comprehensive campaign creation, targeting, bid optimization, and bulk operation services. With their expertise in advertising and marketing automation, Advigator helps businesses maximize their advertising effectiveness.


NYMLAB offers solutions to enhance the assurance levels in traditional socio-economic systems through distributed technologies. With their focus on software engineering and leveraging distributed technologies, NYMLAB is driving trust and security in various sectors.

The Orange Seed

The Orange Seed specializes in providing travel-tech solutions tailored for the travel industry. By combining adventure travel, information technology, and software, The Orange Seed is enhancing the travel experiences of individuals and organizations.

A-Cubed Technology

A-Cubed Technology develops software tools for the aircraft industry to assist in the design stages. With their expertise in aerospace and product design, A-Cubed Technology supports the advancement of aircraft technology.


HelioSwitch offers cloud-based services to facilitate early energy transition adopters. With their focus on cloud computing and energy management software, HelioSwitch is driving sustainability and efficiency in the energy sector.


CoderIT specializes in website development, software development, and IT consulting services. With their expertise in information technology and web development, CoderIT assists businesses in leveraging technology for growth and efficiency.

Arios Technology

Arios Technology provides an app that brings augmented reality to enhance business collaboration. With their focus on augmented reality and technical support, Arios Technology is transforming how teams work together and share information.

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Near2Real brings virtual reality technologies from the gaming field to the retail market. With their expertise in gaming, software, and virtual reality, Near2Real is creating immersive experiences for consumers and driving innovation in retail.


BindingFuture provides

technological, application, and software solutions. With their expertise in consulting, project management, and software development, BindingFuture supports businesses in achieving their digital transformation goals.


RnB4Culture focuses on promoting and enhancing historical-cultural heritage through the application of artificial intelligence, hardware, internet of things, and software solutions. By leveraging emerging technologies, RnB4Culture is preserving and celebrating cultural heritage in innovative ways.


Milan’s software startup scene is vibrant and dynamic, fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset of its founders. These 15 startups represent the forefront of software innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, blockchain, and augmented reality to redefine industries and drive digital transformation.

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