Unleashing Estonia’s Blockchain Pioneers: Exploring Harjumaa’s Innovative Startups


Harjumaa, Estonia’s vibrant tech hub, is home to a thriving blockchain ecosystem. In this article, we will delve into 15 groundbreaking blockchain startups in Harjumaa that are driving innovation and shaping the future of decentralized technologies. From developer-friendly NFT infrastructure to hybrid blockchain platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges, these startups are revolutionizing various industries. Join us on this journey as we explore Estonia’s blockchain pioneers and their transformative solutions.

1. NFTPort: Empowering Developers in the NFT Space

NFTPort offers a one-stop and developer-friendly NFT infrastructure and APIs, empowering developers to unlock the full potential of the NFT ecosystem. Website

2. QANplatform: Building Quantum-Resistant Blockchain Applications

QANplatform is a quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain platform that enables developers to build software applications like DApps and DeFi protocols quickly and securely. Website

3. Stakin: Powering Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Networks

Stakin is an infrastructure provider for public Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks, offering secure and reliable infrastructure services to support blockchain ecosystems. Website

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4. Finectum: Simplifying Cryptocurrency Exchange and Payments

Finectum provides a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange and payment solution, making it easier for individuals and businesses to transact in the digital asset space. Website

5. Kelp.Digital: Redefining Ownership in the Digital Art World

Kelp.Digital empowers artists by providing a platform where they can showcase and sell their art on their own terms, leveraging blockchain technology for transparency and security. Website

6. Swaps: Seamlessly Integrating Cryptocurrency Services

Swaps offers a user-friendly app that integrates cryptocurrency purchases, payment gateways, and blockchain services, making crypto transactions more accessible and convenient. Website

7. OERO: Transforming Financial Services with Blockchain

OERO is a financial services company harnessing blockchain technology to provide secure and efficient solutions for various financial transactions. Website

8. NIOC Exchange OÜ: Enabling Secure Cryptocurrency Trading

NIOC Exchange OÜ is a leading cryptocurrency exchange in Estonia, providing a trusted platform for individuals and businesses to trade digital assets securely. Website

9. Emirex: Streamlining Crypto Asset Management

Emirex is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of tools for managing and trading crypto assets, ensuring a seamless user experience. Website

10. Woonkly: Uniting Social Networking and Blockchain

Woonkly is a decentralized social network and marketplace where posts are automatically transformed into NFTs, revolutionizing content ownership and monetization. Website

11. TechPay Coin: Unleashing Lightning-Fast Blockchain Transactions

TechPay Coin is a high-speed blockchain platform that enables lightning-fast transactions, providing a scalable solution for the ever-growing demands of the blockchain ecosystem. Website

12. Cryptster: Facilitating Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptster is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform that connects buyers and sellers directly, offering a secure and efficient marketplace for crypto transactions. Website

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13. Ignium: Empowering Brands with NFT Engagement

Ignium is a web3 NFT platform that allows small brands and businesses to monetize and engage their customers and communities through blockchain-based solutions. Website

14. Lootmart: Bridging Physical and Digital Commerce with Crypto

Lootmart enables users to buy and sell both physical and digital items directly using cryptocurrencies, fostering the integration of blockchain technology into traditional commerce. Website

15. HODLNG: Innovating LNG with Carbon-Neutral Solutions

HODLNG presents an innovative business model for differentiated carbon-neutral LNG products, leveraging blockchain and SaaS to drive sustainability in the logistics and natural resources industry. Website


Harjumaa’s blockchain startups are at the forefront of decentralized technologies, redefining industries and unlocking new possibilities through blockchain innovation. From infrastructure providers and cryptocurrency exchanges to NFT platforms and quantum-resistant blockchain solutions, these startups are shaping the future of finance, art, and various other sectors. As Estonia continues to foster a supportive environment for blockchain entrepreneurship, these startups are poised to make a lasting impact on the global blockchain landscape. Keep an eye on Harjumaa’s blockchain pioneers as they revolutionize industries and pave the way for a decentralized future.

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