Navigating Business Success: Consulting Startups Shaping Noord-Holland


Noord-Holland, a vibrant business hub in The Netherlands, is home to a dynamic ecosystem of consulting startups that are revolutionizing various industries. In this article, we will explore 15 innovative consulting startups in Noord-Holland, offering specialized services ranging from strategic advisory to data analytics and beyond. These startups are reshaping the consulting landscape, helping companies optimize operations, embrace digital transformation, and drive sustainable growth. Join us as we uncover the exciting world of consulting entrepreneurship in Noord-Holland.

1. Kambr: Empowering the Aerospace Industry

Kambr raises airline revenue performance through a comprehensive suite of software, consultancy, and content solutions, transforming the way the aerospace industry operates. Website

2. blackbear: Connecting Companies and Solution Providers

blackbear is a digital marketplace that bridges the gap between companies seeking solutions and talented solvers, fostering rapid problem-solving within just 14 days. Website

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3. DataChef: Simplifying Data Management and Analytics

DataChef develops cutting-edge solutions on AWS, including Data Mesh, Data Lake, and Predictive Analytics, to demystify data and provide simplified information for businesses. Website

4. Rebels: Streamlining Operations with Tech Expertise

Rebels assists companies in optimizing operations and smoothing out production processes by leveraging the latest tools and technology, ensuring efficiency and growth. Website

5. LITIC: Cloud-Based Analytics for Organizational Success

LITIC is an IT company that specializes in developing cloud-based analytical software, empowering organizations with data-driven insights for better decision-making. Website

6. Climate Risk Services: Navigating Financial Climate Risks

Climate Risk Services offers consulting expertise to manage financial climate risks and seize opportunities, providing valuable strategies to navigate the challenges of a changing climate. Website

7. Nedscaper: Securing the Cloud, Safeguarding Success

Nedscaper specializes in managed cloud security and consulting services, ensuring businesses have robust security measures in place to protect their digital assets. Website

8. Socialytix: Amplifying Brands through Strategic Marketing

Socialytix is a marketing agency that offers comprehensive branding, advertising, social media marketing, and consulting services, empowering brands to reach their full potential. Website

9. Capitalize2day: Guiding Financial Strategies for Success

Capitalize2day is a financial consulting firm that provides expert advisory services on financing, mergers, acquisitions, and commercial strategies, supporting businesses in achieving their financial goals. Website

10. Ross Republic: Unleashing Strategy and Innovation

Ross Republic is a strategy and innovation consultancy specializing in the financial services sector, guiding organizations in navigating disruptive market trends and driving sustainable growth. Website

11. Zaurus: Transforming Telehealth with Video Conferencing

Zaurus offers integrated video conferencing solutions tailored for the healthcare industry, enabling secure and efficient telehealth services. Website

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12. Think Security: Safeguarding Businesses from Cyber Threats

Think Security is an IT and cybersecurity company that provides expert technical consulting services, helping businesses fortify their digital defenses against evolving cyber threats. Website

13. Scoutely: Empowering Informed Decision-Making for Startups

Scoutely offers information and advisory services, empowering decision-makers with valuable insights and risk management strategies when collaborating with startups. Website

14. Numbered: Igniting Creativity for Brand Success

Numbered is a creative agency that specializes in consulting, e-commerce and brand strategy, website design, and brand content services, helping businesses unleash their creative potential. Website

15. We Are Stewards: Maximizing Impact through Steward-Ownership

We Are Stewards supports entrepreneurs and investors in maximizing their impact through steward-ownership, a model that prioritizes long-term value creation and sustainable business practices. Website


Noord-Holland’s consulting startups are driving innovation and offering specialized services across diverse industries. From aerospace and data analytics to marketing, cybersecurity, and more, these startups are empowering businesses with strategic guidance, cutting-edge technologies, and expert insights. As Noord-Holland continues to foster a thriving startup ecosystem, these consulting pioneers are poised to shape the future of business consulting, fueling growth, and driving success for organizations both within the region and beyond. Keep an eye on these innovative startups as they lead the way in consulting excellence in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands.

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