Gastronomic Delights: Exploring Spain’s Innovative Food and Beverage Startups


Spain is known for its rich culinary traditions and vibrant food culture. In this article, we will explore 15 exciting food and beverage startups in Spain that are revolutionizing the gastronomic landscape. From plant-based meats to craft beers and innovative food apps, these startups are reshaping the way we produce, consume, and enjoy food. Join us on this mouthwatering journey as we discover the innovative spirit of Spain’s food and beverage startups.

1. RIP Foods: Redefining Plant-Based Meats

RIP Foods is a pioneer in the production of plant-based meat. Their products offer a sustainable and delicious alternative to traditional meat consumption. Website

2. Cerveza Mascleta: Craft Beer with a Spanish Twist

Cerveza Mascleta crafts exceptional beers using only natural and organic ingredients. Their handcrafted brews capture the essence of Spanish beer culture. Website

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3. El CoCo: Unveiling the Nutritional Value of Food

El CoCo is an innovative app that provides users with real-time information about the nutritional value of food. It empowers individuals to make informed dietary choices. Website

4. Fitstore: Fueling Fitness with Food Supplements

Fitstore offers a wide range of food supplements and sports nutrition products to support fitness enthusiasts in achieving their goals. Website

5. STOCKMEIER Group: Chemical Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry

STOCKMEIER Group is a leading provider of chemicals and services to the food and beverage industry. Their expertise contributes to the production and distribution of high-quality products. Website

6. Guau&Cat: Nourishing Pets with Carefully Crafted Food

Guau&Cat provides cooked food and barf options for pets, ensuring that our furry friends receive the best nutrition. Website

7. Marcelo Meats: Your Online Butcher Shop

Marcelo Meats is an online butcher shop that offers a wide selection of premium meat products, bringing quality cuts to your doorstep. Website

8. Abastos 1970: Embracing Culinary Tradition in the Digital Era

Abastos 1970 specializes in delivering a wide variety of old-fashioned culinary items and recipes right to your door, preserving the essence of traditional cuisine. Website

9. Mia Bakery: Artisanal Pastry Delights

Mia Bakery is a food processing company known for its artisanal pastry and organic ingredient cakes. Their delectable creations bring joy to every bite. Website

10. Artesans en Xarxa: Showcasing Artisanal Food Products

Artesans en Xarxa is an online platform that connects traditional artisanal shops, allowing them to showcase and sell their food products to a wider audience. Website

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11. KANTEEN S.L: Fresh & Healthy Micro-Market Meals

KANTEEN S.L offers fresh and healthy meals conveniently available in micro-markets, providing nourishment just steps away. Website

12. Dos Alquemistas: Unlocking the Goodness of Olive Leaf Tea

Dos Alquemistas specializes in olive leaf tea products, harnessing the natural health benefits of this unique ingredient. Website

13. Conglomerado Carvallo: Investing in Culinary Delights

Conglomerado Carvallo is an investment group focused on the food and beverage industry, with a portfolio of incredible products and ventures. Website

14. Savia Atmospheric Fountains & Rivers: Transforming Water Consumption

Savia Atmospheric Fountains & Rivers develops innovative water-from-air systems, providing sustainable and pure water solutions for agriculture and beverage production. Website

15. LaBonita Nature: A Blend of Health and Taste

LaBonita Nature produces a wide range of healthy and organic teas and infusions, combining flavors and functionality for a delightful drinking experience. Website


Spain’s food and beverage startups are at the forefront of culinary innovation, bringing novel flavors, sustainable solutions, and convenient services to consumers. From plant-based meats and craft beers to nutritional apps and traditional food delivery, these startups are reshaping the way we approach food and beverage consumption. Keep an eye on these trailblazing startups as they continue to tantalize our taste buds and redefine the culinary landscape in Spain and beyond.

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