Unlocking Knowledge: Exploring Spain’s Innovative Education Startups


Education is the key to unlocking human potential, and in Spain, a vibrant ecosystem of education startups is revolutionizing the way we learn and teach. In this article, we will delve into 15 exciting education startups in Spain that are transforming the landscape of learning. From immersive technologies to financial education and language learning platforms, these startups are reshaping education and empowering learners of all ages. Join us on this journey as we discover the innovative spirit of Spain’s education startups.

1. KinderPass: Nurturing Behavioral Health Education

KinderPass is an education technology service provider focused on children’s behavioral health education services. Their platform offers valuable resources to support children’s emotional well-being. Website

2. BeChallenge: Connecting Real-World Challenges to Classrooms

BeChallenge is an experiential learning platform that helps educators integrate real-world challenges into their classrooms. Their platform fosters a hands-on learning experience for students. Website

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3. Emersive: Immersive Learning through Virtual and Augmented Reality

Emersive specializes in virtual reality and augmented reality applications for immersive learning and training. Their innovative technologies bring subjects to life and enhance the educational experience. Website

4. Mundo Crypto: Financial Education in the World of Cryptocurrencies

Mundo Crypto is a financial education platform that offers cryptocurrency training, including courses on digital earning, bitcoin, and blockchain. Their platform empowers individuals to navigate the world of cryptocurrencies. Website

5. Practity: Online Education at Your Fingertips

Practity is an online education platform that provides a wide range of educational resources and courses. Their e-commerce platform offers convenient access to diverse learning opportunities. Website

6. Gomet: App for Analyzing Student Development

Gomet is an app designed for teachers to evaluate, analyze, and predict the evolution and development of students. It provides valuable insights to enhance the learning process. Website

7. Decentralized Science: Empowering the Academic Community

Decentralized Science aims to return control of academic publication to the community. Their platform creates a decentralized and inclusive environment for scholarly publishing. Website

8. Explorins: Combining Cultural Storytelling with Technology

Explorins creates projects that blend cultural storytelling with technology, offering experiential marketing and dynamization solutions. Their innovative approach engages learners through immersive experiences. Website

9. Spacetechies: Unlocking Technological Skills for All Ages

Spacetechies is a school of technology that provides various courses and workshops for adults, children, and youth. Their programs empower learners to explore the possibilities of technology. Website

10. TeachVid: Language Learning Made Engaging

TeachVid is a web-based educational platform designed for language learners and teachers. Their interactive tools and resources facilitate language acquisition in an engaging manner. Website

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11. Kietoparao: Educational Kits for Engaging Minds

Kietoparao keeps children busy and engaged with educational kits designed to stimulate their minds. Their offerings provide hands-on learning experiences for young learners. Website

12. FounderClass: Launching Internet Businesses with Expertise

FounderClass is an e-learning company that assists entrepreneurs in launching internet businesses. Their programs provide valuable knowledge and guidance for aspiring founders. Website

13. LabVisor: Empowering Students and Researchers

LabVisor is an education platform that supports students and researchers in their academic journey. It provides tools and resources to enhance learning and collaboration. Website

14. Pasica: Supporting Parenting and Co-working

Pasica is an online platform that offers virtual assistance on parenting, co-working spaces with childcare services, and more. It addresses the needs of modern parents. Website

15. The Agile Program: Embracing Agile Methodologies through Online Training

The Agile Program provides online training on agile methodologies, empowering individuals and organizations to adopt efficient and flexible approaches to project management. Website


Spain’s education startups are paving the way for transformative learning experiences. From behavioral health education to virtual reality applications and language learning platforms, these startups are revolutionizing how we acquire knowledge and develop skills. With their innovative solutions and commitment to advancing education, these startups are shaping the future of learning in Spain and beyond. Keep an eye on these trailblazing education startups as they continue to make a significant impact on the education landscape.

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