The Ultimate Guide to the Top 15 E-Commerce Startups in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, has long been known for its vibrant startup ecosystem. The city has a rich history of innovation and creativity, and it’s no surprise that the region is home to a diverse range of e-commerce startups that are disrupting the traditional retail landscape.

From interior design to personal care, wholesale to herbal tea, these 15 e-commerce startups are bringing fresh ideas and unique solutions to the table. In this article, we’ll explore these companies and showcase their innovative solutions for a digital future.

Naduvi: Interior Design Made Easy

Naduvi is an online platform that offers a wide range of interior design products of various brands to decorate residential projects. Founded by Itai Gross, Naduvi provides customers with easy access to high-quality and stylish interior design products, making the process of home decoration a breeze.

Orderchamp: Empowering Independent Retailers

Orderchamp is reimagining wholesale by empowering independent retailers and brands with technological solutions to succeed in tomorrow’s market. Co-founded by Dennis Cuijpers, Joost Brugmans, and Max Verduyn, Orderchamp provides a B2B e-commerce platform that connects retailers with unique and innovative brands from across the world.

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Local Heroes: Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

Local Heroes is the e-commerce platform with which easily and always order the range of local entrepreneurs via the app. Co-founded by Jascha Hoogendijk, Maarten Coumans, and Ruben Beijer, Local Heroes provides customers with easy access to the products of local entrepreneurs, helping to support and sustain the local economy.

Toot: Skincare Simplified

Toot is a subscription-based e-commerce platform for skincare products. Co-founded by Karlijn Vlasblom, Toot provides customers with a convenient and cost-effective way to access high-quality skincare products that are tailored to their individual needs.

Bringly: Sustainable Delivery Solutions

Bringly brings a fast and sustainable delivery experience to the front door of retail customers. Co-founded by Anton Liulichev and Rajiv Laigsingh, Bringly provides sustainable delivery solutions for e-commerce businesses, helping to reduce their carbon footprint and provide customers with a more eco-friendly shopping experience.

We Are Eves: Honest Beauty Reviews

We Are Eves is the first trusted personal care and beauty platform with honest product reviews. Co-founded by Esther Leloux, Julie Hotchkin, and Quint Mouthaan, We Are Eves provides customers with honest and unbiased reviews of personal care and beauty products, helping them to make informed purchasing decisions.

Pice: The Millennial Bank

Pice is the millennial bank that provides e-commerce and mobile payment solutions for small and medium businesses. Pice is revolutionizing the banking industry with its innovative approach to financial technology, making it easier than ever for businesses to manage their finances and streamline their operations.

Pure Gems: Beautiful Jewelry for All

Pure Gems is an online shop that offers gemstone, ruby, diamond, sapphire, and silver jewelry. With a commitment to quality and affordability, Pure Gems provides customers with stunning jewelry that is designed to last a lifetime.

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PIPPO Amsterdam: Sportswear for the Active Lifestyle

PIPPO Amsterdam is an e-commerce company that provides sportswear clothes for the active lifestyle. Whether you’re into running, yoga, or weightlifting, PIPPO Amsterdam has you covered with its stylish and high-quality sportswear.

Circos: Fashion for Everyone

Circos is an online shop that offers various kinds of clothing products for customers. Co-founded by Erick Bouwer, Circos provides customers with a wide range of fashionable clothing that is designed to fit any style or budget, making fashion accessible to everyone.

Kore Beauty: Korean Beauty at Your Fingertips

Kore Beauty provides a wide range of Korean beauty products and cosmetics, bringing the latest trends and innovations in the beauty industry to customers around the world. With a focus on quality and authenticity, Kore Beauty is a must-visit for anyone looking to up their beauty game.

Vintage Point: Timeless Furniture and Home Accessories

Vintage Point is a webshop that offers a wide range of furniture and home accessories. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece to complete your home decor or a vintage find to add some character to your space, Vintage Point has it all.

Myndfuel: Fuel Your Mindful Journey

Myndfuel is a webshop for supplements, books, foods, and other fuels to support your mindful keto or low-carb journey. With a focus on wellness and self-care, Myndfuel provides customers with the tools they need to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Numbered: Creative Solutions for Your Brand

Numbered is a creative agency specialized in consulting, e-commerce and brand strategy, website design, and brand content services. Co-founded by Martin Silvestre, Numbered helps businesses stand out in a crowded market with its unique and innovative solutions for branding and marketing.

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Wilder Land: Discover the Magic of Herbal Tea

Wilder Land is an e-commerce platform that offers a comprehensive range of herbal tea products and accessories. Whether you’re a tea aficionado or just looking to try something new, Wilder Land has everything you need to discover the magic of herbal tea.


These 15 e-commerce startups in Amsterdam are just a small sample of the innovative and creative businesses that are thriving in the city. With a focus on sustainability, authenticity, and accessibility, these startups are bringing fresh ideas and unique solutions to the retail landscape, paving the way for a digital future that is more inclusive and diverse. As the startup ecosystem in Amsterdam continues to grow and evolve, it will be exciting to see what new ideas and solutions emerge in the years to come.

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