The Titans of Trade: 15 Innovative Sales Startups Rising in Germany

Accelerating growth and redefining customer engagement, these German startups are transforming the traditional sales landscape.

Wonderway: Elevating Sales Performance

Co-founded by Bowen Moody, Rouven Herzog, and Till Leinen, Wonderway is a sales performance platform that boosts revenue per rep through effective sales training.

Ciara: Streamlining Inside Sales

Designed by Konstantin Krauss and Martin Heibel, Ciara is an exceptional meeting tool exclusively for inside sales, aiming to halve sales cycles.

Future Demand: Predicting Event Demands

Future Demand was conceived by Hannes Tronsberg, this platform provides SaaS solutions to predict demand for events and digital services.

Releaf: Ethical Online Sales

Led by Bennet Müllem, Releaf is an online shop that sells condoms while promoting environmental consciousness by planting a tree for each condom sold.

Mobrex: Streamlining Parts Supply

Mobrex stands out as an ultimate parts supplier company, delivering convenience and efficiency in the supply chain process.

The Great British Garden Company: Nurturing Green Thumbs

The Great British Garden Company offers gardening enthusiasts an online store for all their gardening needs.

Bon’gu: Simplifying Gourmet Cooking

Bon’gu is an online shop that sells a range of cooking and baking essentials, making gourmet cooking accessible to all.

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Quality Media Network: Marketing for Publishers

Quality Media Network offers publishers extensive marketing services, helping them reach a broader audience and maximize their revenues.

Okiyu: Digitalizing Medium-Sized Businesses

Okiyu, led by MW B, offers a broad spectrum of services aimed at digitalizing medium-sized businesses, boosting their growth and online presence.

POTTBURRI: Growing Green Sales

POTTBURRI, founded by Antonia Cox, offers a diverse range of flowering plants, vegetable plants, herbs, and growing pots products online.

Proceeds: Developing Business Growth

Proceeds is a business development agency founded by Demian Romelli and Tim Schillinger, offering consulting and sales training services for startups and corporates alike.

SchmitzMuck: Consulting for Sales Success

SchmitzMuck is a management consulting firm specializing in sales and marketing, driving businesses towards greater success.

Triremex: Transforming Real Estate Sales

Triremex offers trading, development, and management services in the real estate sector, playing a key role in the industry’s evolution.

Cipco: Digitalizing IT Components Sales

Cipco is an e-commerce store that specializes in IT components, offering a streamlined, digital solution for tech needs.

Cloud Monsters: Mastering Salesforce Consulting

Cloud Monsters is a Salesforce consulting company, offering businesses tailored solutions to optimize their sales processes.

These startups are reshaping the sales landscape in Germany, bridging innovation with conventional processes to bring about a new era of digital commerce. They demonstrate how Germany continues to be a driving force in the European startup scene.

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