The Next Big Leap in Live Performance Sound: A Revolutionary Audio Startup Set to Disrupt the Industry

Unveiling the groundbreaking immersive sound technology that's transforming the arts

Key Takeaways:

  • A groundbreaking immersive audio solution, HOLOPHONIX, spins off from Amadeus, aiming to redefine live performance experiences.
  • The technology, made entirely in France, has seen rapid adoption by major institutions and artists worldwide.
  • A major financial boost is in the works as the startup seeks capital funding for an aggressive global expansion.

The Immersive Audio Revolution

Few innovations have the power to shake up an industry as much as the groundbreaking immersive sound technology developed by HOLOPHONIX. Emerging as an essential reference in the world of immersive creation and spatialized mixing, HOLOPHONIX is poised to disrupt conventional norms, taking the performing arts field by storm.

From Concept to Global Acceptance

Founded by Gaëtan Byk in 2017, in close collaboration with eminent French research institutions CNRS and IRCAM, HOLOPHONIX’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Its prowess lies in transcending the prevalent monophonic and stereophonic paradigms, providing audiences and performers alike a captivating augmented sound dimension.

In the span of a mere five years, nearly two million spectators have been enchanted by the revolutionary HOLOPHONIX sound. Cultural landmarks like The Cour d’Honneur, Théâtre de l’Archevêché, and the Grand Auditorium of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France are only a few of the esteemed establishments leveraging this state-of-the-art technology.

Gearing up for the Next Level

The rapid success and increased demand for HOLOPHONIX have set the stage for its next phase of growth. A recent introduction of two immersive hardware sound processors has already generated considerable market interest. Moreover, their collaboration on the ambitious three-year “Continuum” R&D project, financed by a 1.2 million Euro budget, promises exciting innovations on the horizon.

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A Visionary Leadership

Frédéric Biessy, a stalwart in the live performance scene, joins HOLOPHONIX’s ranks as the director. Biessy, a seasoned producer, founder of illustrious theatrical institutions, and an original HOLOPHONIX customer, brings to the table a vision rooted in a deep appreciation of the arts. His insights, drawn from diverse fields like cinema, gaming, virtual reality, and personal audio experiences, will undoubtedly steer the company towards uncharted territories.

The Roadmap Ahead

With a clear development strategy for the upcoming years, the funds from the first round of financing are earmarked for a range of strategic initiatives:

  • Expanding the HOLOPHONIX footprint in key global markets like Western Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, China, and South Korea.
  • Tripling the workforce in the short term, with plans to onboard ten principal employees soon.
  • Launching an employee shareholding scheme, aimed at retaining and rewarding the company’s foundational talent.

CEO Gaëtan Byk envisions this capital infusion not just as a means for growth, but as a strategy to involve the firm’s core engineers, developers, and collaborators in its ambitious journey.

A New Era in Sound

As the curtain rises on this new chapter for HOLOPHONIX, the world watches with bated breath. In the words of Frédéric Biessy, this technological environment is probably the most advanced solution available today. With its unique offerings and strategic roadmap, HOLOPHONIX is all set to redefine the future of live performances and artistic creation.

About HOLOPHONIX: A pioneer in real-time immersive audio environments, HOLOPHONIX is the brainchild of Gaëtan Byk. Born from a collaboration with research powerhouses IRCAM and CNRS, HOLOPHONIX offers a comprehensive suite of solutions catering to the performing arts domain. For more information, visit:

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