The Silent Disruptors: Why Established Law Firms Should Fear The Tech Revolution

Unveiling the Future of Legal Services in the Technology Era

Key Takeaways:

  • High-profile legal expert Marc Shewchun takes his 20+ years of tech law experience to Fasken’s Emerging Technology group.
  • With a past of setting up unique programs for startups, Shewchun is all set to redefine tech legal services in Canada.
  • Fasken’s Emerging Technology group, with a holistic legal service model, sets the gold standard for tech-focused legal support in Canada.

The Dawn of Tech-Law Fusion

In an era where technology seeps into every aspect of our lives, the intersection between law and emerging technologies is both inevitable and intricate. Toronto sees the onset of this confluence with the newest addition to Fasken’s Emerging Technology group – seasoned legal advisor Marc Shewchun.

Shewchun: A Beacon in the Startup Ecosystem

With over two decades of experience in legal advisory for both private and public tech ventures, Shewchun isn’t just another lawyer. His past endeavors include the inception of a revolutionary legal service program tailored for budding ventures. It’s no wonder then, that tech startups across Canada revere his holistic and anticipative approach to corporate advisory.

Moreover, wearing the hat of a business executive, Shewchun isn’t limited to the legal realm. His expansive managerial experience in diverse sectors like finance, community management, and customer support equips him with a 360-degree perspective. This ensures not just adherence to the law but also the seamless weaving of legal frameworks into business strategies.

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Fasken & The Future of Tech Legal Services

Martin Denyes, the Managing Partner for Ontario, gushed about the newest member of their family. He pointed out, “Emerging Tech is a dynamic domain with brilliant minds crafting novel ideas daily. As legal advisors, our role isn’t just to safeguard these ideas but to foster environments for their exponential growth. Shewchun, with his deep-rooted understanding of startups, is pivotal to the expansion of our national Emerging Tech group.”

Acknowledging the strategic prowess of Fasken, Marc Shewchun expressed his enthusiasm about this collaboration. In his words, “Fasken isn’t just a firm; it’s an ecosystem for innovative legal solutions. As markets evolve, so do we. And I’m here to further that evolution.”

The All-encompassing Legal Guardians for Emerging Tech

One might wonder, what makes Fasken’s Emerging Technology group stand out? It’s their comprehensive approach. This group isn’t just a team; it’s a brigade of diverse professionals proficient in tech law. They pride themselves on being the singular fully integrated legal team in Canada catering to the tech market’s every whim. From growth strategies, VC financing, IP advice to cybersecurity, they’ve got it all covered.

About Fasken: The Legacy & The Vision

Fasken isn’t new to the scene. This leading international law firm, with its vast network spanning over three continents, boasts of a robust force of over 925 legal professionals. Their reputation isn’t just built on numbers but on the innovative legal solutions they offer. In a world riddled with complexities, Fasken emerges as a beacon, guiding businesses with result-oriented strategies. And with the addition of Marc Shewchun, they’re all set to redefine the paradigm of tech-focused legal services in Canada.

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For those who wish to delve deeper into Fasken’s world, a visit to their official portal,, is a must.

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