The IT Revolution in Amsterdam: 15 Startups You Need to Know About

Discover the Top IT Startups in Noord-Holland's Capital City

Amsterdam, the bustling capital city of Noord-Holland, is home to a thriving startup scene that’s driving innovation and change across industries. In this article, we showcase 15 of the most innovative information technology startups in Amsterdam that are changing the game in their respective fields.

Sentinels: AI-Powered Transaction Monitoring

Sentinels is an AI-powered transaction monitoring startup that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect and prevent financial crime. Its software solution provides real-time monitoring of transactions, helps identify risks and suspicious behavior, and enhances compliance for financial institutions.

Vosbor: Digital Grain & Oilseed Trading Platform

Vosbor is a digital grain and oilseed trading platform that provides a spot and forward market to reconcile trade data and securely share documents. Its software solution streamlines the trading process for farmers, traders, and food manufacturers, providing greater transparency and efficiency in the supply chain.

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Origin: Personalized Trip Planning Services

Origin is an application software that provides personalized trip planning services. Its software solution helps travelers plan their ideal trip, offering customized recommendations for activities, sights, and accommodations based on their preferences and interests.

Hypherdata: B2B Closed Data Marketplace for Life Science

Hypherdata is a B2B closed data marketplace for life science that connects businesses with providers of health data and AI services. Its software solution provides a confidential introduction to these providers, enabling businesses to find the right data and services to meet their needs.

Prosus: Consumer Internet Group and Technology Investor

Prosus is a consumer internet group and technology investor that operates and invests in markets with long-term growth potential. Its portfolio includes companies in a range of industries, including FinTech, ICT, IoT, and e-commerce.

Silverflow: Cloud-Based Payment Processing Platform

Silverflow is a cloud-based processing platform that provides an upgrade for payment providers to accelerate technological innovation. Its software solution enables providers to offer faster, cheaper, and more reliable payments to their customers, driving growth and profitability for businesses of all sizes.

Attendi: Customized Speech Technology Solutions for Healthcare

Attendi develops customized speech technology solutions for healthcare industries, enabling clinicians and patients to communicate more effectively. Its software solution uses natural language processing and speech recognition to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

SurveyAuto: Machine Learning on Satellite Imagery

SurveyAuto uses machine learning on satellite imagery to accurately identify survey targets, tracks, and monitors enumerators in real-time. Its software solution provides valuable data insights to businesses and organizations, helping them make more informed decisions.

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DataChef: Data Mesh, Data Lake, and Predictive Analytics Solutions

DataChef develops Data Mesh, Data Lake, and Predictive Analytics solutions on AWS to demystify data and simplify information. Its software solution enables businesses to use data to drive innovation, growth, and profitability.

Grinfer: E-Learning Marketplace for On-Demand Online Courses

Grinfer is the e-learning marketplace for on-demand online courses, 1-on-1 teaching, and consulting. Its software solution connects learners with expert instructors and consultants, enabling them to acquire new skills and knowledge at their own pace.

SACS Global: Saas Solution for Operations Management

SACS Global provides a Saas solution that allows businesses to organize their processes, manage their on-ground operations, and improve team productivity. Its software solution simplifies operations management, enabling businesses to focus on growth and profitability.

Nedscaper: Managed Cloud Security and Consulting Services

Nedscaper specializes in managed cloud security and consulting services, helping businesses stay secure and compliant in the cloud. Its software solution provides end-to-end security services, from initial risk assessments to ongoing monitoring and support, ensuring that businesses can operate with confidence and peace of mind.

Foodimus: Food-Based Healthcare Platform and Medical Laboratory

Foodimus is a food-based healthcare platform, medical laboratory, and network of health coaches. Its software solution provides personalized nutrition recommendations, helping individuals optimize their diets for better health and wellbeing.

Bookex: Better Management for Long-Stay Travel

Bookex is a software solution built for travel managers, travelers, and suppliers, offering better management for long-stay travel. Its software solution streamlines the booking process for long-stay accommodations, providing greater convenience and efficiency for travelers and suppliers alike.

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Legalcomplex: Analytics Company Using Data and Machine Learning is an analytics company using data and machine learning to impact social, legal, and governance (ESG) globally. Its software solution provides valuable data insights to legal professionals, enabling them to make more informed decisions and drive positive change.


These are just a few of the innovative information technology startups that are thriving in Amsterdam. Whether you’re interested in AI-powered transaction monitoring, cloud-based payment processing, or personalized trip planning services, Amsterdam’s startup scene has something for everyone.

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