Madrid’s Vibrant Software Startup Scene: 15 Exciting Companies to Watch

Madrid is one of Europe’s most dynamic and rapidly growing startup ecosystems, and its software startup scene is particularly exciting. Here are 15 of the most innovative software startups in Madrid that are poised to make a big impact in their respective industries.

DynamEat: Optimizing HORECA Profits with Dynamic Pricing

DynamEat is the first solution for HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes) that digitizes menus and optimizes profits through dynamic pricing and menu engineering. Its software analyzes customers’ behavior, preferences, and spending patterns to set prices dynamically and make the most out of every sale.

Dcycle: Sustainable Business Intelligence

Dcycle develops environmental intelligence tools that help businesses become more sustainable. Its software collects data on energy consumption, waste production, and carbon footprint to provide businesses with insights and suggestions on how to reduce their environmental impact.

Uelz: Automating Payment Collection for Online Businesses

Uelz automates and routes payment collection for online businesses by integrating its solution with multiple payment gateways. Its software streamlines payment collection, reduces processing costs, and provides businesses with a single platform for managing their payments.

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Ixoriguè Technologies: Revolutionizing Livestock Management

Ixoriguè Technologies is revolutionizing the livestock industry with its software solutions. Its software collects data on livestock behavior, nutrition, and health to help farmers optimize their livestock management, improve productivity, and increase profits.

Book A Corner: Simplifying Real Estate Management

Book A Corner is a SaaS platform that enables landlords and brokers to manage and lease their assets in a simple, safe, and online way. Its software streamlines the leasing process, eliminates paperwork, and provides landlords and brokers with real-time data on their assets.

Clideo: Boosting Digital Video Conversion Rates

Clideo is a SaaS platform providing advertisers with the ultimate solution to boost conversion rates on digital video. Its software offers a suite of tools for video editing, optimization, and personalization that help advertisers create compelling video content that resonates with their audience.

Utoppia: A Mobile App for Social Connection

Utoppia is a mobile app that connects people with similar interests and helps them organize social events. Its software makes it easy for users to find like-minded people, create groups, and plan events that fit their schedule and preferences.

wetechfood: Kitchen Robotics and KPIs Monitoring

wetechfood builds CLX4, a new kitchen robot that improves KPIs monitoring and eliminates human-related costs. Its software provides real-time data on kitchen performance, helps automate repetitive tasks, and improves kitchen efficiency.

WhiteBox: Designing Data and AI Systems

WhiteBox designs data and artificial intelligence systems that help businesses gain insights, automate processes, and improve performance. Its software solutions leverage machine learning, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights and value to businesses.

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TycheTools: Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

TycheTools provides energy efficiency in data centers, efficient operations, sustainability, and operation management. Its software solutions help data centers reduce their energy consumption, optimize their performance, and improve their sustainability.

Tadatic: The Bridge Between Developers and Cool Projects

Tadatic connects developers with cool projects and helps them find meaningful work. Its software matches developers with projects based on their skills, experience, and preferences, making it easier for them to find work they love.

DAIN: Federated Learning and Homomorphic Encryption Services

DAIN is a software development company that provides horizontal federated learning and homomorphic encryption services. Its software solutions enable businesses to share data securely, without compromising data privacy, and improve their machine learning algorithms through collective learning.

BASF Digital Solutions: A Comprehensive Financial Management Platform

BASF Digital Solutions offers a comprehensive financial management platform that allows users to manage all their accounts, expenses, savings, and investments from one screen. Its software simplifies financial management, provides real-time data on users’ financial health, and offers personalized investment advice.

FaceDate: Analytics-Enabled Dating App

FaceDate is an analytics-enabled dating app that helps users find, connect, and meet people compatible with them. Its software collects data on users’ behavior, preferences, and interactions to provide personalized suggestions on potential matches.

Video-MOS: Cutting-Edge AI Technologies

Video-MOS is a European firm that employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to provide businesses with innovative solutions for video analysis, optimization, and personalization. Its software solutions help businesses create compelling video content that resonates with their audience and drives conversions.

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Madrid’s software startup scene is a testament to the city’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. From sustainable business intelligence to kitchen robotics, these 15 startups are just a glimpse of the exciting software innovations happening in Madrid. With their innovative solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and talented teams, these startups are poised to make a big impact in their respective industries, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve next.

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