Startup Showcase: WIZBII – Empowering Young People for Success

WIZBII is a startup based in Grenoble, Rhone-Alpes, France, that offers a complete range of services to help young people transition into the workforce and achieve success. As the leading actor in this field, WIZBII’s services range from job search to entrepreneurship and everything in between.

Job Search Made Easy

WIZBII offers a platform that helps young people find their future internships, apprenticeships, and jobs. The platform is designed to make the job search process easy and efficient, allowing users to find the right opportunities quickly. WIZBII also hosts recruitment events, such as job fairs and job dating, to help young people meet their future employers.

Inspiration and Practical Advice

WIZBII’s blog, La Ruche, provides inspiring testimonials and practical advice for young people looking to start their careers. The blog covers a range of topics, from resume writing to interview tips and more. With its engaging content, La Ruche is a valuable resource for anyone looking to launch their career.

Comprehensive Support for Young People

WIZBII’s services go beyond job search to offer comprehensive support for young people. FIBII, WIZBII’s platform for student aid, helps students find and apply for the aid they are entitled to. WIZBII Drive offers an online and mobile platform for learning and passing the driving test. WIZBII Protect provides young people with customized health and home insurance. Finally, WIZBII’s partnership with La Matmut offers an opportunity for young people to create their own safe and secure housing options.

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Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

WIZBII also supports young entrepreneurs through regional entrepreneurial events. The company’s cocktails entrepreneuriaux provide young entrepreneurs with a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, share their ideas, and get the support they need to launch their startups.


WIZBII is a startup that is making a real difference in the lives of young people. With its comprehensive range of services, WIZBII is empowering young people to succeed in their careers and beyond. The company’s job search platform, recruitment events, and inspiring blog provide valuable resources for young people entering the workforce. In addition, WIZBII’s services in student aid, driving education, insurance, and housing offer comprehensive support for young people. Finally, the company’s support for young entrepreneurs through regional events is an excellent opportunity for young people to launch their startups.





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