Startup Showcase: Videobot Limited’s VBOT Video Platform: Boosting Productivity and ROI for Publishers and Brands

Monetizing Videos for Publishers and Brands Made Simple

Dublin-based Videobot Limited is an expert in the monetization of videos for publishers and brands through its cloud video platform, VBOT. VBOT is a SaaS enterprise video publishing platform designed to provide easy customization, scalability, and device-based usability. The platform offers a high return on investment and unparalleled productivity gains for businesses, brands, and publishers that want to deploy tailor-made video applications across devices.

Full Control Over Video Assets

VBOT offers businesses the ability to retain full control over their assets, from recording through content management to delivery. Unlike Facebook and YouTube, VBOT allows enterprises to have full control over their video assets, enabling them to acquire, publish, access, and monetize videos on their own terms. This means that businesses can build their video web and mobile apps, significantly reducing deployment time, production, and streaming costs.

Real-time Video Applications over All Platforms

VBOT offers fast and simple video workflows, enabling real-time video applications over all platforms, including smartphones, tablets, browsers, and smart TV. This makes sharing mobile videos easy, allowing users to record, publish, and assign privacy and access rights in a streamlined process. The result is that mobile videos can be shared and played on all platforms in almost real-time.

Intelligent Video Management VBOT serves videos intelligently through ‘fast’coding, which extracts video frames, recognizes video objects, creates social and advert tags, and generates branded mosaic video players on the fly. These unique players increase click rates and reduce expensive streaming costs.

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With over 15 years of experience in video archiving, encoding, interfaces, and social media, Videobot Limited is an expert in monetizing videos for publishers and brands. Its VBOT video platform is the ultimate cloud video platform, designed to boost productivity and return on investment for businesses looking to deploy tailor-made video applications across devices.




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