15 Innovative Information Technology Startups in Tallinn, Estonia

From blockchain platforms to educational VR content, meet the startups shaping the future of IT in Estonia's capital.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a hub of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. This Baltic city has a thriving startup scene, and is home to many promising Information Technology startups. Here are 15 of the most interesting and innovative startups in Tallinn and Harjumaa, Estonia that are shaping the future of IT.

Single.Earth – Tokenizing Nature to Make It the New Gold

Single.Earth is a fintech and greentech startup that aims to tokenize the world’s nature and make it the new gold. By leveraging blockchain technology, Single.Earth creates a platform where people can buy, sell, and trade nature-based assets to incentivize conservation efforts. The startup was founded by Andrus Aaslaid and Merit Valdsalu.

Yaga – Secure and Convenient E-Commerce

Yaga is an e-commerce startup that provides a secure and convenient platform for online sellers. Their platform allows sellers to easily create and manage their online stores, while also providing buyers with a safe and streamlined checkout process. Yaga was founded by a team of entrepreneurs.

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QANplatform – Quantum-Resistant Blockchain Platform

QANplatform is a blockchain startup that offers a quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain platform. Their platform allows developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) and run business processes on blockchain in just 5 minutes. The startup was founded by Endre Abraham and Johann Polecsak.

BotGuard – Protecting Websites from Malicious Attacks

BotGuard is an IT and software startup that provides website protection services against malicious bots, crawlers, scrapers, and hacker attacks. With their sophisticated technology, BotGuard offers a reliable and secure solution to safeguard websites. The startup was founded by Dennis Prochko and Nikita Rozenberg.

Stakin – Infrastructure for Public Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Networks

Stakin is an AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity startup that provides infrastructure for public Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks. Their services include secure node operation, monitoring, and analytics. The startup was founded by Edouard Lavidalle and Tiago Machado.

Sharewell – Accessible User Research for Professionals and Newcomers

Sharewell is an IT and productivity tools startup that helps to make user research more accessible for both professionals and industry newcomers. Their platform allows users to easily conduct research studies and gather valuable insights. Sharewell was founded by Igor Murujev and Sten Kreisberg.

DataCalculus – Automated Advanced Data Analysis and Machine Learning

DataCalculus is an analytics and software startup that provides the most automated software for advanced data analysis and machine learning. Their platform democratizes data science globally by making it more accessible to everyone. The startup was founded by Saeed Talebzadeh.

OnBench – Connecting Outsourcing Teams and Developers with New Customers

OnBench is an IT and outsourcing startup that offers a worldwide team search platform for outsourcing teams, companies, and developers to connect with new customers. Their platform makes it easy for businesses to find and hire the right talent for their projects. The startup was founded by a team of entrepreneurs.

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SpaceBus – Offshore Development Agency for Remote Teams

SpaceBus is a consulting and software startup that specializes in building remote offshore teams for software development. Their team of experts provides a wide range of development services, from web development to mobile app development. The startup was founded by a team of entrepreneurs.

Futuclass – Educational VR Content for Chemistry and Physics

Futuclass is an edtech and IT startup that provides educational virtual reality content for upper middle school chemistry and physics. Their platform is designed to make learning more engaging and interactive

for students. Futuclass was founded by a team of entrepreneurs.

C-Yber – Cybersecurity and Software Solutions for Companies

C-Yber is a consulting and software startup that provides cybersecurity and software solutions to companies. Their services include security assessments, penetration testing, and software development. The startup was founded by a team of cybersecurity and IT experts.

Storadera – S3 Compatible Cloud Storage Service

Storadera is a cloud computing and data services startup that offers an S3 compatible cloud storage service. Their platform provides businesses with a scalable and secure solution for storing their data. Storadera was founded by a team of entrepreneurs.

Skudo OÜ – Cutting-Edge Data Protection and Privacy Solutions

Skudo OÜ is an information services and IT startup that develops cutting-edge solutions to ensure the greatest degree of data protection and privacy. Their platform is designed to provide businesses with the tools they need to protect their data and stay compliant with regulations. Skudo OÜ was founded by Stefano Alberico.

Bewezit – Mobile Communication Solution for Schools and Organizations

Bewezit is an apps and software startup that provides a mobile communication solution for schools, clubs, associations, institutions, and all kinds of organizations. Their platform makes it easy for these groups to communicate with their members and stakeholders. Bewezit was founded by a team of entrepreneurs.

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HazelOps – AWS Migration, Serverless, Scalability, and DevOps Implementation Services

HazelOps is a consulting and IT startup that offers AWS migration, serverless, scalability, observability, and DevOps implementation services. Their team of experts provides businesses with the tools they need to optimize their cloud infrastructure and stay ahead of the curve. HazelOps was founded by Dmitry Kireev.


These are just a few of the many innovative and exciting IT startups that are based in Tallinn and Harjumaa, Estonia. From blockchain platforms to e-commerce solutions, these startups are shaping the future of IT and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. As Estonia continues to establish itself as a hub of technological innovation, these startups are sure to play a key role in its success.

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