Startup Showcase: TunHub – The Future of Research Management

How TunHub is revolutionizing e-health product development

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, so does the field of healthcare. With the growing need for more efficient and effective healthcare solutions, TunHub is leading the charge with their innovative cloud-based research management software. TunHub is an online laboratory initiative from TunHub GmbH, formerly known as Global Emotion GmbH, and is based in Berlin, Germany. In this Startup Showcase, we will explore how TunHub is using cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the development of e-health products.

Streamlining the Innovation Pipeline

TunHub was created with the goal of improving collaboration between researchers and market players, streamlining the innovation pipeline between research, development, and customers. With over a decade of experience in converting scientific findings into blended e-learning and computer-based trainings, TunHub has taken their expertise to the next level with their cloud-based research management software. TunHub makes it easy for researchers to manage their research professionally, sell and market their scientific findings to society, and ultimately create innovative e-health products that improve patient outcomes.

Auto-Creation of E-Health Products

One of the most exciting features of TunHub’s research management software is its ability to auto-create e-health products. This means that researchers can upload their data and TunHub’s software will analyze the data to identify potential e-health product ideas. The software then provides researchers with a list of potential product ideas and helps them to develop these ideas into actual products. This not only saves researchers time but also ensures that e-health products are developed based on scientific evidence.

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Cloud-Based Research Management

TunHub’s cloud-based research management software also makes it easy for researchers to collaborate and share their findings with others. The software allows researchers to store and share their data securely in the cloud, ensuring that their work is easily accessible to others in the research community. Additionally, TunHub’s software provides researchers with tools to analyze their data and visualize their findings, making it easier to communicate their research to others.


TunHub is an innovative company that is revolutionizing the development of e-health products through their cloud-based research management software. Their commitment to improving collaboration between researchers and market players and streamlining the innovation pipeline between research, development, and customers is commendable. With their ability to auto-create e-health products and their cloud-based research management software, TunHub is poised to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry.



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