Digital Marketing Startups in Italy: 15 Innovative Companies Shaping the Future

Italy, one of the world’s most beautiful countries, is also a hub for digital marketing startups. With cutting-edge technology, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, these startups are making waves in the industry. From productivity software to e-commerce platforms, these companies are changing the game.

Akiflow: Productivity Software for Better Workflow Management

Akiflow offers a productivity software solution to help businesses better manage their workflow. With features like project tracking, task management, and time tracking, Akiflow streamlines business processes and improves productivity. The company was founded by Nunzio Martinello and Sebastiano Favaro. Connecting Brands, Dealers, and Bikers is an e-commerce platform that connects brands, dealers, and bikers. The company’s mission is to be the global platform for high-end bikes. Founded by Matteo Maruzzi, offers a wide range of bikes, from mountain bikes to electric bikes.

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Moderne: Insight and Collaboration Platform for Creative Ideas

Moderne is an insight and collaboration platform that provides creative ideas, insights, trends, and innovations. The company offers consulting services to help businesses better understand their customers and build better products. Moderne was founded by Kyril Kulikov and Mila Dayan.

Neuno: Buying, Selling, and Trading Fashion NFTs

Neuno is a platform for buying, selling, and trading fashion NFTs. The company uses 3D technology to create digital fashion items that can be owned and traded like physical items. Neuno was founded by a team of entrepreneurs.

Biscuitway: Website Development, E-commerce, and Web Design

Biscuitway is a web agency that offers website development, e-commerce, and web design services. The company helps businesses create a strong online presence with a focus on user experience and functionality. Biscuitway was founded by a team of web developers.

Wait4Call: Solutions for Digital Audio Advertising

Wait4Call provides solutions for digital audio advertising for telcos and corporates. The company’s technology helps businesses reach their target audience with audio ads that are personalized and relevant. Wait4Call was founded by Gian Marco Boschi and Luca Legni.

MetaDig: Digital Strategies for Online Growth

MetaDig is a web agency that creates and implements digital strategies to support companies in online growth through acquisition channels. The company focuses on data-driven marketing strategies to drive growth and increase revenue. MetaDig was founded by Francesco Saverio Esposito.

Natural Index: SEO Focused on Natural Practices and Long-term Benefits

Natural Index’s approach to SEO is focused on natural practices and long-term benefits, increasing the trust of a website’s domain name. The company offers a range of SEO services, from keyword research to link building. Natural Index was founded by a team of SEO experts.

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Vudoo: E-commerce Platform for Digital Transformation

Vudoo is an e-commerce platform that offers digital transformation, channel management, and marketing automation services. The company helps businesses grow their online sales with a range of tools and services. Vudoo was founded by a team of entrepreneurs.

Red Yard: Integrated and Customized IT Solutions

Red Yard designs integrated and customized IT solutions. The company helps businesses improve their IT infrastructure and increase their efficiency with a range of services, from consulting to training. Red Yard was founded by Marco Antonio Mauro and Vincenzo Coniglio.

Enzima: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Graphic, and Web Design Services

Enzima provides digital marketing, social media, graphic, and web design services. The company helps businesses build a strong online presence and increase their visibility with a range of services. Enzima was founded by Matteo Blasi and his team of digital marketing experts.

Nuxi: Marketing and Digital Solutions for Organizations

Nuxi provides marketing and digital solutions for organizations. The company helps businesses develop effective marketing strategies and implement them with a range of services, from SEO to content marketing. Nuxi was founded by a team of marketing experts.

C2B4FOOD: Researching Products, Producers, Retailers, and Consumers of Fruits and Vegetables

C2B4FOOD is a B2B digital marketing startup that researches products, producers, retailers, and consumers of fruits and vegetables. The company helps businesses in the food industry develop effective marketing strategies to reach their target audience. C2B4FOOD was founded by a team of experts.

G-move: Dashboards, Heatmaps, Reports, and Data Integration Services

G-move is a digital marketing company that provides dashboards, heatmaps, reports, and data integration services for their clients. The company helps businesses track their online performance and optimize their marketing strategies. G-move was founded by a team of data analysts and digital marketers.

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Eighty-Twenty: UX/UI Design, Analytics, System Assessment, Social Media, Advertising, and Digital Marketing

Eighty-Twenty is a digital agency that offers UX/UI design, analytics, system assessment, social media, advertising, and digital marketing services. The company helps businesses create effective marketing strategies and build a strong online presence. Eighty-Twenty was founded by a team of digital marketing experts.


These 15 startups are leading the way in digital marketing in Italy. From productivity software to e-commerce platforms, these companies are shaping the future of the industry with their innovative solutions and creative ideas. If you’re looking for digital marketing services or inspiration for your own startup, these companies are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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