Startup Showcase: Torqway – A Unique Personal Mobility Vehicle

In today’s world, personal mobility has become a necessity for people of all ages, and Torqway, a Polish company founded in 2014, has developed a unique vehicle that offers comfortable movement to people of all ages. Torqway’s mission is to provide innovative solutions for personal mobility, focusing on the comfort, fun, and fitness of its users.

Revolutionary Invention

Torqway’s revolutionary product is a four-wheeled device that is ridden by using the strength of the user’s muscles. The device has a platform and two levers that convert the swing motion of the user’s hands to rotational movement of the wheels. The result is an exciting and fun activity that provides a great opportunity to practice physical exercises, keep good condition and have lots of fun and satisfaction. Torqway has named this activity “nordic riding” because of the similar hand motion to Nordic walking.

Innovative Design and Patented Mechanism

Torqway Sport, the company’s first product, has won several awards in Poland, the USA, Taiwan, and Switzerland in categories such as innovation, transportation, fitness, and wellness. Torqway has further developed its patented mechanism with gears, and the company is currently focusing on its new project – Torqway Hybrid. This product has a new design and is equipped with electric engines support to help users overcome the most common roadblocks. The user can still operate the vehicle manually, but there are several assist modes available. Torqway believes that Torqway Hybrid will be a great proposal for those who want to keep fit, attractive, and in good condition, especially in the context of aging societies.

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Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Torqway’s mission is to offer innovative solutions for personal mobility that promote a healthy lifestyle. The company’s products are designed to provide a fun and exciting way to stay fit and active. The Torqway team is convinced that their product will be particularly attractive to people who want to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle without compromising on fun and excitement. Torqway has won several awards for innovation, transportation, fitness, and wellness, which have convinced the company that they are on the right path.


Torqway is an innovative startup that has developed a unique personal mobility vehicle that provides a fun and exciting way to stay fit and active. Torqway’s products are designed to offer an innovative solution for personal mobility that promotes a healthy lifestyle. The company’s mission is to provide comfortable movement to people of all ages, and their products have won several awards for innovation, transportation, fitness, and wellness. Torqway is an example of how startups can use innovation to create products that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.





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