Startup Showcase: robodev GmbH – Making Automation Simple and Self-made

Automation can be a challenging and expensive endeavor, especially for small manufacturers with many product variants. Fortunately, robodev GmbH is on a mission to make automation more accessible and easier for all manufacturers. Founded in 2016, the Karlsruhe-based company specializes in developing individual automation solutions for production and assembly based on an intelligent modular system. The company’s vision is to remove barriers to entry, making automation easier, faster, and more affordable for manufacturers of all sizes.

Revolutionizing Automation

Robodev’s system is a modular automation solution that can be integrated and put into operation within a few hours in almost all manual workstations and production lines. The system is designed to be intuitive and requires no programming knowledge. The robodev assistant guides users through the automation process, translating their production processes to automation processes. With a focus on flexibility and reusability, the system can be extended through standardized interfaces and plugins. The robodev modules are simple and easy to use, allowing manufacturers to automate tasks on their own and achieve immediate productivity gains or quality improvements.

Flexible and Multipurpose Automation

Robodev’s intelligent mechatronic modules can be combined with each other as desired and an innovative software assistant. This combination enables automation solutions that are easy to handle and quickly adaptable. The robodev modules provide different actors and sensors as well as a selection of functional modules. To add further external components, the control unit of the system can be extended with additional interface modules. For easy setup, manufacturers only need familiar aluminum profiles and their standard connectors.

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Easy-to-Use Technology

Robodev’s technology is intuitive and easy to use, making automation accessible to every manufacturer. The graphical robodev assistant is process-oriented, comprehensible, and does not require programming skills. The system is suitable for production environments characterized by manual production tasks, such as feeding, handling, machining, and assembly of workpieces, as well as quality assurance.

Final Thoughts

Robodev GmbH is revolutionizing the automation industry by making it easier, faster, and more affordable for all manufacturers. The company’s modular automation solution is designed to be intuitive, flexible, and re-usable. With the robodev assistant, manufacturers can automate tasks on their own and achieve immediate productivity gains or quality improvements. The system is particularly suitable for small production runs or many product variants with classical automation technology. Robodev’s innovation in the field of modular and service robotics is based on years of research and development. The company’s goal is to create easy-to-use, comprehensible technology that makes automation accessible to every manufacturer.





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