Startup Showcase: Meludia – Learning Music through Emotions

Music has always been an integral part of human culture, and learning music is a pursuit that can bring immense joy and fulfillment. However, traditional music lessons can be daunting, with stern academic teaching through solfeggio leading to many students quitting. Meludia is a Paris-based startup that seeks to change this by making music education more fun and intuitive through an innovative approach to learning music. In this Startup Showcase, we will take a closer look at Meludia, its unique approach to music education, and why it’s worth considering for anyone looking to learn music.

An Innovative Approach to Learning Music

Meludia is a web application that enables users to learn music through emotions and understand musical compositions. It removes the drudgery of standard music lessons and provides an easy way to learn how to play an instrument by ear, get more pleasure out of listening to music, and have the confidence to create and interpret music. Meludia’s innovative approach to learning music is based on the “oral way” of trial and error that works well for the naturally gifted and the “tough way” of academic teaching through solfeggio. By combining these two approaches, Meludia provides an effective and pleasant experience for anyone looking to learn music.

A Framework for Music Education

Meludia’s Co-Founder, Vincent Chaintrier, created a new framework for music by theorizing and testing what people hear and feel when they learn music. This framework is the result of work with more than 6,000 students over the last 25 years. Meludia makes this learning method available to everyone through a freemium offering to individuals, as well as a group license for schools and institutions. With 800 levels that address everyone from young children to seniors, beginners to experts, amateurs to professionals, Meludia offers a comprehensive music education platform that is accessible to everyone.

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An Experienced Team

Meludia is a team of four co-founders who own 100% of the equity and invested €150,000 of their own money. They are 12 people based in Paris and have been in private beta for the last five months. They are set to start the open beta in two weeks. With over 25 years of experience in music education, Meludia’s Co-Founder Vincent Chaintrier brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. The other co-founders also bring a wealth of experience in technology and business, making Meludia a well-rounded and experienced team.

Final Thoughts

Meludia is an innovative startup that seeks to change the way we learn music. Its unique approach to music education is based on a new framework for music created by its Co-Founder Vincent Chaintrier, which has been tested with over 6,000 students over the last 25 years. With a freemium offering to individuals and a group license for schools and institutions, Meludia offers a comprehensive music education platform that is accessible to everyone. If you’re looking to learn music, Meludia is definitely worth considering.


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