Startup Showcase: Thinksurance: Revolutionizing Business Insurance Through Technology

Harnessing Proprietary Tech to Connect Insurers, Distributors, and Businesses

Thinksurance: A Paradigm Shift in Business Insurance

From its hub in Frankfurt, Germany, Thinksurance is driving a tech revolution in the business insurance sector. Known as a leading consultation technology platform for business insurance, Thinksurance is changing the game by providing an interactive space that links insurers, distributors, and businesses.

The startup’s innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is embraced by a range of business insurance distributors, including (online-) brokers, broker pools, agencies, banks, and others. Thinksurance streamlines the process of searching, comparing, and finalizing the right insurance coverage for clients, marking a significant leap forward for the industry.

Unparalleled Connectivity and Comprehensive Market Coverage

A core strength of Thinksurance is its advanced, proprietary technology. With multiple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that sync with distributors’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and insurer systems, Thinksurance has elevated the ease and efficiency of business insurance management.

This technology-oriented approach has resulted in unmatched market coverage in the commercial insurance sector for small and medium-sized enterprises. All relevant insurers are already partnered with the platform, underlining Thinksurance’s prominent position within the industry.

Value-Added Services and Direct Business Engagement

Beyond the impressive connectivity and comprehensive insurance coverage, Thinksurance offers insurers additional services like Data Analytics, Portfolio Transfer, After Sales Processes, and White-Label-Solutions for internal use. These value-added services expand the platform’s utility, making Thinksurance a versatile tool in the business insurance landscape.

Moreover, Thinksurance operates its own online broker, “Gewerbeversicherung24,” to directly engage with businesses and glean vital feedback. This proactive approach ensures continuous improvement of their service for partnering distributors and insurers, demonstrating Thinksurance’s commitment to fostering a dynamic, user-centric platform.

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Connect with Thinksurance

For more information about Thinksurance and its transformative role in business insurance, explore their website and connect with them on social media:

Thinksurance is more than a startup; it’s a pioneering force reimagining business insurance. With its robust technology and strategic approach, Thinksurance promises to continue shaping the future of insurance consultation and brokerage.

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