Startup Showcase: Targetta – Revolutionizing Retail Profitability with Smart Merchandise Planning

Targetta is a B2B SaaS vendor that is focused on the retail vertical, with a mission to improve retail profitability and optimize inventory. Located in Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia, Targetta’s cloud-based planning and BI tool makes it easy for the whole team to review retail KPIs, collaboratively create sales and inventory forecasts, and model pre-season and in-season plans. The software is affordable and designed to be used by small and medium-sized retail companies.

Optimizing Inventory and Improving Retail Profitability

The biggest challenge for retailers is to optimize their inventory, which is crucial for their profitability. Targetta helps retailers with this challenge by providing them with accurate and real-time inventory data. The software allows retailers to track their inventory levels, identify overstocked or understocked products, and forecast sales to avoid stockouts or excess inventory. Retailers can use the data to make informed decisions and optimize their inventory levels to meet customer demand.

Easy and Collaborative Sales Forecasting

Targetta makes it easy for retailers to create sales forecasts. The software allows each business unit to create their sales forecasts, which are then combined to create an overall sales forecast. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone is working towards a common goal, which is to increase sales and profitability. Retailers can use the software to model pre-season and in-season plans and make informed decisions about buying and selling products.

Smart Budgeting and Expense Management

Targetta allows retailers to manage their expenses effectively by providing them with a clear view of their budget. Retailers can add operational expenses and other budget items to the software, which are then compared to actual sales and inventory data. The software provides retailers with insights into their expenses and helps them make informed decisions about managing their budgets.

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Data Integration and Resell Partnership

Targetta has data integration and resell partnership with Erply POS system (, one of the leading POS systems for retail companies. The data integration allows retailers to upload actual sales and inventory data each week, which is then compared with the sales and inventory forecasts. The resell partnership allows retailers to purchase Targetta’s software directly from Erply’s platform, making it easier for them to access the software.


Targetta is revolutionizing retail profitability with its smart merchandise planning and sales forecasting tool. The software is designed to help retailers optimize their inventory, improve their sales forecasting, and manage their expenses effectively. The cloud-based tool is easy to use and affordable for small and medium-sized retail companies. With data integration and resell partnership with Erply POS system, Targetta is set to become the go-to software for retail companies looking to improve their profitability.


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