Startup Showcase: Strossle – Revolutionizing Content Distribution with AI

Empowering publishers with a future-proof approach to content delivery

Born from a group of media-savvy entrepreneurs in 2013, Strossle emerged with a mission to disrupt the conservative approach to technology and business models that was prevalent in the media industry. At its core, Strossle utilizes machine learning technologies to tailor the user experience, presenting the most relevant content based on each user’s context and personal interests. It’s artificial intelligence specifically designed for the media industry, helping publishers optimize their content distribution in this fast-paced digital age.

Transforming the Media Industry with a User-Focused Approach

At a time when media companies were becoming increasingly intrusive with display ad formats and attempting to lock users into their channels, Strossle offered a breath of fresh air. Their solution aims to break this negative cycle, allowing publishers to future-proof their content distribution strategy.

Strossle ensures each user is presented with an optimal mix of content, boosting engagement. It also helps publishers attract new users by promoting their best-performing content within Strossle’s publisher network. Moreover, it allows publishers to leverage their premium environments, offering advertisers extended reach through native ads.

The Growth Story: Going Global with Innovation

Strossle’s value proposition has resonated strongly with publishers. Since its launch, the company has seen an average monthly growth rate of 20%, a testament to the robustness and effectiveness of their offering. But Strossle isn’t stopping there. With a global mindset, they’re expanding their innovative approach beyond Swedish borders, having already established offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Madrid, and even New York. Strossle aims to continue this trajectory, spreading their revolutionary approach to content distribution worldwide.

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Looking Ahead

Strossle stands as a shining example of how artificial intelligence can be harnessed to optimize content delivery. The company’s innovative approach to media technology presents a promising solution to the challenges faced by publishers. With their user-centric focus and commitment to empowering publishers, Strossle is shaping the future of content distribution.


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