Startup Showcase: Pulp – Revolutionizing the Restaurant Experience with Digital Ordering

Are you tired of waiting in long queues for takeout orders or struggling to make payments at restaurants? Look no further than Pulp, the number one French ordering platform for local takeouts in restaurants. Pulp is redefining the dining experience by removing all the hassle and making it a moment of pure pleasure. With Pulp, customers can easily order and pay for their meals through digital solutions, leaving more time to enjoy their meal. Pulp provides restaurants with digital ordering and payment solutions to help them serve their customers in the best possible way, both on-premise and for takeout.

Mission: Enhancing the Restaurant Experience

Pulp’s mission is to make the restaurant experience more enjoyable by providing digital solutions that remove the hassle of ordering and paying. The company aims to simplify the process for both customers and restaurants, making the ordering experience a seamless one. Pulp’s goal is to help restaurants improve their customer service and increase their revenue by providing them with an easy-to-use digital ordering platform.

Pulp’s Services: Digital Ordering and Payment Solutions

Pulp offers digital ordering and payment solutions to restaurants, including click & collect, QR code ordering & payment, and more. With Pulp’s solutions, restaurants can provide their customers with a seamless ordering and payment experience, eliminating the need for long queues and frustrating payment processes. Pulp’s platform also provides restaurants with data and analytics to help them understand their customers better and improve their service accordingly.

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Pulp App: The Ultimate Ordering Platform

Pulp has launched an app that revolutionizes the takeout experience. With the Pulp app, customers can order from the best restaurants in their neighborhood without ever having to queue again. The app also offers year-round discounts and group ordering options, making it an even more convenient option for busy customers. The Pulp app is designed to make ordering takeout easy and enjoyable, providing customers with an efficient and streamlined experience.


Pulp is redefining the restaurant experience by providing digital solutions that make ordering and paying for meals easy and enjoyable. The company’s mission is to enhance the dining experience by simplifying the process for both customers and restaurants. With its digital ordering and payment solutions, Pulp is helping restaurants improve their customer service and increase their revenue. The Pulp app is the ultimate ordering platform, offering customers the convenience of ordering from their favorite restaurants without having to wait in long queues. Pulp is revolutionizing the way people order takeout, making it a hassle-free experience that customers can enjoy from start to finish.





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