Which Bulgarian Software Startups are Influencing the Tech Industry in 2023?

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Bulgaria is a burgeoning hub for technological growth and innovation in the European tech scene. Amongst these innovate businesses are a number of software startups contributing to this landscape. They offer unique solutions across a range of sectors, such as cloud computing, data integration, digital production, quantum computing and more. Here are some of the intriguing software startups that have emerged from Bulgaria.

What’s particularly interesting about these startups is the range of fields they cater to. From AI and quantum computing to 3D technology, media, and consultation, these startups are redefining their respective domains with their novel approaches. Let’s take a closer look at these intriguing startups and their contributions to their sectors.

Despite being a small country, Bulgaria is making a name for itself in the tech industry. With a high number of software engineer graduates, strong governmental support for startups, and low business costs, it’s become an attractive location for budding tech businesses.


ZigiWave is a software startup founded by Idan Harel. Their product, ZigiOps, is a no-code integration platform for business applications’ data. Operating in the cloud computing, SaaS, sales automation, and software industry, it helps businesses manage their data more efficiently.


Sappience, though lacking noted founders, is a startup that seeks to accelerate businesses’ digital transformation globally. Offering services within the IT and software industry, they strive to help businesses adapt to the digital age.

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Mass Horizon

Mass Horizon is a multidimensional company situated in numerous markets such as 3D Technology, AR, Animation, Film and TV Production, Software Engineering, UX Design, and Web Development. Providing digital production services, they’re a company thriving in the digital creative field.


Founded by Boris Dimitrov, Boris Grozdanoff, and Svetoslav Sotirov, Qaisec ventures into the fields of quantum encryption and artificial intelligence. Delivering solutions within these areas, they’re advancing the technology for securing information.


MYX is a visualization technology company founded by Mihail Georgiev and Yavor Mihailov. By working with data visualization, IT, software, and telecommunications, they offer innovative solutions to visualize information effectively.


The founders, Kristiyan Mihaylov and Yonko Chuklev at PARA , are set on seizing future trends in robotics and automation.They offer services in consulting, education, marketing, and software development tailored to different fields like automotive and IT.


Pavel Tashev is the mind behind DeepSource. Specialising in web, mobile, and cloud-based solutions, this startup provides businesses with the necessary tool to reach their customers in different arenas.


Wholefolio provides portfolio-tracking solutions for cryptocurrencies and digital assets, aiding individuals and businesses in managing their investments in the rapidly changing crypto market.

RT Sonics

At RT Sonics, they center their efforts on sound design, audio libraries, sound effects, music, and cinematics. Their service extends to the software and video editing industry, providing specialty sound solutions.

Sfera Technologies

Sfera Technologies was born from the idea of Zdravko Dimitrov. The company builds infrastructure for the new era, leveraging to big data, satellite communication and software technology.

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Despite being in its nascent stages, the AI and consultancy firm BAIHUI AI focuses on developing advanced algorithms and emerging AI technologies.


Encharge, founded by Kalo Yankulov and Slav Ivanov, is a marketing automation software for SaaS companies. It helps streamline marketing strategies and measure success more easily.

Vitesse Running

Vitesse Running is a running app that not only keeps track of your health but also offers virtual coaching services. This unique blend of tech and health provides a new way for individuals to improve their fitness.

International Stuttering Therapy Institute

Founded by Hristo Balabanov, Mariana Balabanova, and Nikolay Dimitrov, the International Stuttering Therapy Institute’s Bye Bye Stuttering app aims to restore fluent speech in 25 days.


Last but certainly not least, Ubitrack offers a comprehensive platform for football performance data. Developed by founders Nikolay Tashev and Roman Dzhurov, it uses artificial intelligence, big data, and computer vision to gather data.

Bulgaria, with its thriving technology scene and entrepreneurial spirit, continues to produce cutting-edge software startups. And these, no doubt, are just the tip of the iceberg. Keep an eye on Bulgaria, as many more innovative and trailblazing startups are on the horizon.

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