Startup Showcase Poietis: Revolutionizing Regenerative Medicine with Laser Bioprinting

In this edition of Startup Showcase, we turn our attention to Poietis, a groundbreaking biotechnology company based in Pessac, France. Poietis specializes in laser-assisted bioprinting, offering a unique platform for the design and manufacturing of bio-printed products in the field of regenerative medicine, preclinical research, and cosmetic evaluation. Join us as we explore how Poietis is transforming the landscape of regenerative medicine with their cutting-edge technology.

Unleashing the Power of Laser Bioprinting

Poietis is revolutionizing regenerative medicine through their expertise in laser-assisted bioprinting. By harnessing the power of precise laser technology, Poietis enables the 3D printing of living tissues with remarkable accuracy and resolution. This groundbreaking approach allows for the creation of complex, multi-cellular structures that closely resemble natural tissues. With laser bioprinting, Poietis opens up new possibilities for tissue engineering, drug testing, and cosmetic product evaluation.

Designing Customized Bio-Printed Products

Poietis provides industrial stakeholders and researchers with a unique platform to design and manufacture bio-printed products for various applications. Their technology allows for the creation of 3D physiological models that accurately mimic human tissues, enabling a more predictive in vitro assessment of drug efficacy and toxicity. These tissue models are instrumental in preclinical research, enabling pharmaceutical companies to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of candidate drugs. Additionally, Poietis collaborates with major pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups, leveraging their expertise to develop complex bio-printed products tailored to specific needs.

Advancing Regenerative Medicine and Cosmetic Evaluation

The impact of Poietis extends beyond traditional regenerative medicine. Their technology plays a vital role in advancing the field of regenerative medicine by enabling the precise bioprinting of functional tissues and organs. By offering a platform for the development of 3D physiological models, Poietis contributes to the refinement of drug discovery processes, reducing reliance on animal testing and enhancing the accuracy of preclinical evaluations. Furthermore, the cosmetic industry benefits from Poietis’ capabilities, utilizing bio-printed tissues to assess the efficacy and safety of cosmetic products and ingredients.

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Pioneering Partnerships and Collaborations

Poietis has established strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies to drive innovation and develop cutting-edge bioprinted products. One notable collaboration is their project with L’Oréal, where they successfully bioprinted a hair follicle (as highlighted in a press release). This achievement showcases the potential of Poietis’ technology in the field of regenerative medicine and demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in tissue engineering. Through such partnerships, Poietis continues to make significant strides in developing complex bio-printed products that have far-reaching applications.


Poietis is at the forefront of biotechnology, transforming the field of regenerative medicine with their laser-assisted bioprinting technology. By enabling the precise 3D printing of living tissues, Poietis opens up new horizons for regenerative medicine, preclinical research, and cosmetic evaluation. With their expertise, Poietis advances the development of personalized therapies, contributes to the reduction of animal testing, and enhances the accuracy of drug discovery processes. Through pioneering partnerships and a commitment to innovation, Poietis is poised to reshape the future of regenerative medicine.





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