Startup Showcase DynAdmic: Revolutionizing Online Video Advertising with Audio Technology

In this edition of Startup Showcase, we highlight DynAdmic, an innovative marketplace based in Mougins, France. DynAdmic is transforming the online advertising landscape by leveraging proprietary audio recognition technology to help media buyers purchase premium online video advertising space at competitive prices. Join us as we explore how DynAdmic is revolutionizing the advertising industry with their unique approach.

Targeting Audiences with Precision through Audio Recognition

DynAdmic offers a marketplace that empowers media buyers to purchase premium online video advertising space with precision targeting. What sets DynAdmic apart is their proprietary audio recognition technology, which enables media buyers to target specific audiences based on the audio content within videos. By analyzing audio tracks, DynAdmic can identify relevant video content that aligns with the desired target audience. This revolutionary approach allows media buyers to reach their target customers more effectively and efficiently.

Changing the Landscape of Online Video Inventory

Traditional methods of purchasing online video inventory often lack precision and can lead to inefficient ad placements. DynAdmic’s audio technology revolutionizes the advertising industry by changing the way online video inventory is bought and sold. Through their marketplace, media buyers can access a wide range of premium video inventory that is brand safe, ensuring the content aligns with their advertising objectives. This opens up new opportunities for advertisers to connect with their target audience in a more meaningful and impactful way.

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Precise Audience Targeting by Interest

With DynAdmic, media buyers have the ability to target audiences based on their interests. Leveraging the audio track of videos, DynAdmic can identify specific categories such as automotive, sports, health, and more. This targeted approach allows advertisers to connect with audiences who have a genuine interest in their products or services. Just like Google AdWords, DynAdmic’s platform provides media buyers with the flexibility to choose keywords that align with their campaign objectives, ensuring their ads reach the most relevant viewers.

Unlocking New Creative Opportunities

DynAdmic’s innovative technology opens up new creative opportunities for advertisers. With the ability to associate a brand with a specific sound or music, advertisers can create memorable and impactful campaigns. Whenever a video containing the associated sound or music plays, DynAdmic can deliver the advertiser’s ad, reinforcing the brand association and creating a unique and engaging experience for viewers. This approach allows advertisers to tap into the power of audio and leverage it as a creative element in their campaigns.


DynAdmic is transforming the way online video advertising is executed with their pioneering audio recognition technology. By enabling media buyers to purchase premium online video inventory with precision targeting, DynAdmic empowers advertisers to reach their desired audiences more effectively. With a focus on brand safety, precise interest-based targeting, and unlocking new creative opportunities, DynAdmic is revolutionizing the advertising industry. As they continue to innovate and expand their marketplace, DynAdmic is poised to shape the future of online video advertising.





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