Startup Showcase ZenDay: Transforming Time Management with a Unified Approach

In this edition of Startup Showcase, we shine the spotlight on ZenDay, a pioneering mobile app developed by Mobisysteme based in Annecy, France. ZenDay revolutionizes time management by offering a unique perspective on organizing time. Join us as we explore how ZenDay’s integrated approach to task and calendar management sets it apart in the competitive app market.

Integrated Time Management for Busy Professionals

As the number of mobile professionals and consumers continues to rise, the need for effective time management tools becomes increasingly crucial. ZenDay addresses this demand by providing an integrated system that consolidates and prioritizes tasks, regardless of their source. Unlike other productivity apps that focus solely on appointments or tasks, ZenDay dynamically combines calendars and tasks from multiple sources into one unified timeline. This seamless integration allows users to effectively manage their tasks, projects, and workflows in a holistic manner, ensuring they never miss a deadline.

Transforming Time Management with Unique Features

ZenDay’s success lies in its unique features that differentiate it from other time management apps. One such feature is the “Floating Tasks” concept, which users have come to love. This concept allows tasks to be displayed as floating bubbles on the timeline, making it easy to view and interact with tasks within the context of the calendar. Users have expressed their preference for this feature and find it indispensable in their day-to-day scheduling. By combining calendar events and tasks in a visual and intuitive manner, ZenDay provides users with a comprehensive view of their commitments.

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Validation and Recognition

ZenDay has garnered significant validation and recognition within the industry. With over 250,000 free downloads, users have embraced the app’s unique approach to time management. The positive feedback from users underscores the effectiveness of ZenDay’s features and their relevance in meeting the needs of busy professionals. Furthermore, ZenDay has secured partnerships with major players in the tech industry. Samsung signed an app sourcing contract with ZenDay, recognizing its value in enhancing the productivity of its users. Additionally, Google Play featured ZenDay in 50 countries, and Google India recognized it as the “Best App of 2013 For Everyday Life.” These accolades reflect ZenDay’s impact and potential in the market.

Continued Growth and Expansion

ZenDay’s growth trajectory is evident in its expanding user base and the demand for additional synchronization plug-ins. Users appreciate the ability to sync ZenDay with popular services such as Google Tasks and Evernote, and they actively request more plug-ins to enhance their experience. This demand showcases the value users place on ZenDay as a central hub for managing their tasks and projects across various platforms. With its 3D timeline feature gaining attention from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), ZenDay is poised for further growth and potential collaborations in the tech industry.


ZenDay is transforming the way individuals approach time management by offering a unified platform that seamlessly integrates tasks and calendars. With its unique features, intuitive interface, and positive user feedback, ZenDay has proven its effectiveness in meeting the needs of busy professionals. As the app continues to grow in popularity and secure partnerships with industry leaders, ZenDay is poised to shape the future of time management in the digital age.

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Keep exploring EU Startups  Which Berlin Manufacturing Startups Are Transforming the Industry in 2023?
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