Startup Showcase inWebo: Transforming User Authentication for Secure Digital Access

In this edition of Startup Showcase, we delve into the world of inWebo, an independent vendor of user multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions based in Paris, France. With a mission to provide secure and convenient access to digital applications, inWebo is revolutionizing user authentication. Join us as we explore how inWebo’s innovative technology enhances security while offering a seamless user experience.

Securing Digital Access with Multi-Factor Authentication

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, ensuring the security of user access to applications is paramount. inWebo specializes in multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions that bolster security without compromising user convenience. By seamlessly integrating with various devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, inWebo’s technology adds an extra layer of protection during the sign-in process. This approach significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access and protects sensitive data from breaches, making it a vital solution for organizations across industries.

The Unique Blend of Security and Usability

inWebo takes pride in its ability to combine robust security with exceptional ease of use. Their technology offers certified hardware-grade security, providing organizations and users with peace of mind. Simultaneously, inWebo places a strong emphasis on usability, ensuring that the authentication process is intuitive and effortless for end-users. With a focus on user experience, inWebo’s authentication methods seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, allowing users to access applications without unnecessary friction.

Trusted by Global Organizations

With millions of identities protected worldwide, inWebo has garnered the trust of global organizations. Established in Europe in 2008, the company launched its platform in 2011 and quickly gained recognition from tier-1 references such as Accor Hotel Group, Sodexo, Veolia, Lexis Nexis, Alstom, Paris Airport Authorities, French Postal Services, and Bourse Direct online brokers. These partnerships attest to inWebo’s commitment to delivering reliable and effective multi-factor authentication solutions that meet the stringent security requirements of major industries.

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Driving Strong Authentication Adoption

inWebo’s vision extends beyond providing exceptional MFA solutions. The company aims to foster the adoption of strong authentication in areas where challenges such as cost, agility, user experience, or security hinder the implementation of robust security solutions. By prioritizing product development cornerstones of security and usability, inWebo has developed APIs and SDKs that enable service providers to seamlessly embed their authentication technology into their own interfaces, web portals, or native apps. This approach ensures that strong authentication becomes invisible to end-users while reinforcing overall security.


inWebo is at the forefront of transforming user authentication in the digital landscape. By offering innovative multi-factor authentication solutions that prioritize security and usability, inWebo empowers organizations to protect their applications and sensitive data effectively. With a growing network of partners and a Silicon Valley office dedicated to global expansion, inWebo is poised to make a significant impact on the industry.





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