Startup Showcase: PlantCT™

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Plant Health Predictions

Welcome to, where we bring you the latest breakthroughs in innovative startups from across Europe. In this exclusive feature, we unveil PlantCT™, an agro-tech startup based in Budapest, Hungary. PlantCT™ is pioneering a groundbreaking CT scanner for plants, providing early diagnosis of plant diseases and predicting crop health. Join us as we explore how this cutting-edge technology is set to transform agriculture by promoting plant health, reducing yield loss, and fostering environmentally friendly practices.

Empowering Agriculture through Agro-Tech Innovation

PlantCT™ is at the forefront of agro-tech innovation, developing a revolutionary CT scanner designed explicitly for plants. With a focus on crop health monitoring and plant disease prediction, this startup aims to tackle the significant issue of yield loss caused by diseases, which currently stands at an average of 15%. By providing early detection and accurate predictions, PlantCT™ empowers growers to take timely actions, resulting in healthier plants, increased yields, and more sustainable agricultural practices.

An AI-Powered Solution for Crop Health

At the core of PlantCT™ lies a fast-learning AI system that assimilates and analyzes diverse data sets, including crop, weather, leaf, canopy, soil, spore, and pest information. Leveraging this comprehensive data, the system alerts growers of potential plant diseases and other factors that can impact crop health. By delivering valuable recommendations on preventive measures, PlantCT™ equips growers with the knowledge to proactively protect their crops, reducing the reliance on harmful pesticides and promoting more eco-friendly farming practices.

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Weather-Resistant and Robust for Outdoor Use

PlantCT™ has been engineered to adapt to diverse microclimates and varying local conditions, making it suitable for deployment across different agricultural landscapes. The device boasts a technologically sophisticated design while ensuring robustness for outdoor use. Its weather and spray-resistant build enables it to remain on-site even during harsh weather conditions. Moreover, the thoughtful design ensures that PlantCT™ operates without interfering with regular agricultural activities, providing round-the-clock healthcare for plants.


PlantCT™ is a trailblazing agro-tech startup that stands poised to revolutionize the world of agriculture. By introducing a pioneering CT scanner for plants, the company addresses critical challenges faced by growers, such as yield loss due to diseases and unpredictable weather conditions.

Through the power of AI-driven analytics, PlantCT™ empowers growers with timely insights and actionable recommendations, transforming the way agriculture is practiced. With a focus on promoting plant health, reducing environmental impact, and fostering sustainable farming, PlantCT™ is set to be a game-changer for the global agricultural industry.


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