Startup Showcase: “Peyya: Bridging Traditional Banking with Decentralized Finance”

Empowering Global Economy through DeFi and DLT

In this edition of’ Startup Showcase, we turn our spotlight onto Peyya, an innovative DeFi fintech based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a vision to redefine financial inclusivity and freedom, Peyya is bridging the gap between traditional banking and the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Redefining Payment Infrastructure for the Future

Founded on the belief that increased trust and financial freedom create opportunities for all, Peyya is working tirelessly to bring the advantages of DeFi and distributed ledger technology (DLT) to a broader audience. They are developing a next-generation payment infrastructure that leverages the strengths of these technologies to revolutionize how we handle money.

Peyya’s platform allows for the issuance of bank-regulated electronic money in various currencies like EUR, SEK, and GBP, offering the underlying infrastructure to implement blockchain-powered payments seamlessly. This empowers people and businesses worldwide to carry out transactions without routing or intermediaries, thus drastically reducing costs, mitigating risk, and promoting financial inclusion.

Groundbreaking Technology for Instantaneous Transactions

Peyya stands apart through its state-of-the-art atomic swap technology, which performs transactions, clearing, and settlement in one single request. This groundbreaking method not only makes transactions instantaneous but also reduces risk to almost zero. The absence of intermediaries and legacy technology allows for continuous, effortless, and secure money flow between individuals, businesses, and nations, enhancing transparency, traceability, and accountability.

Driving Global Inclusivity and Sustainable Economy

Peyya’s vision extends beyond financial innovation. They aspire to empower people and entrepreneurs to thrive in the global economy, contributing to the democratisation of society and poverty reduction. By turning money into programmable code and enabling fluid, borderless transactions, Peyya is paving the way for a more inclusive and sustainable global economy.

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As we celebrate innovative startups that are reshaping industries and changing the world, Peyya exemplifies the essence of what our Startup Showcase stands for. By bridging traditional banking with DeFi, they are breaking barriers and creating a future where financial freedom is within everyone’s reach.

Watch out for our next Startup Showcase as we continue to highlight startups that are pushing the boundaries of innovation.


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