Startup Showcase: Nexdot – Revolutionizing Quantum Dots with Nanoplatelets

Quantum Dots (QDs) have been a buzzword in the world of nanotechnology for some time now. These tiny semiconductor nanocrystals have found their applications in various fields, from medical imaging to solar cells. However, Nexdot, a French startup, is taking the potential of QDs to a whole new level with their Nanoplatelets – 2D nanosheet Quantum Dots with upgraded properties. As the world’s first company to develop this new generation of QDs, Nexdot is revolutionizing the way we think about semiconductor nanocrystals.

The birth of a game-changing technology

Nexdot is a spin-off company from a world-class academic lab at ESPCI (Paris, France) in nanomaterial research. With over ten years of experience in fundamental and applied research on nanomaterials and their technological applications, the founders of Nexdot identified a gap in the market for a new generation of QDs. After four years of intense internal R&D efforts, they developed a unique know-how for the production of colloidal Quantum Dots and Nanoplatelets with controlled shape and composition.

Unlike conventional QDs, which are spherical, Nexdot’s Nanoplatelets are 2D nanosheets with a thickness of only a few atoms. This unique shape provides several advantages over spherical QDs, including higher brightness, better color purity, and improved efficiency. Moreover, their unique materials bring new expectations for use in displays, lighting, energy storage, detectors, and bio-imaging.

The team behind the game-changing technology

Nexdot gathers young, enthusiastic, top-level scientists and a board of senior executives with a strong track record on company management and innovation leadership. Led by CEO Dr. Emmanuel Lhuillier, the team comprises researchers with expertise in physics, chemistry, and materials science. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of science and technology has led to several patents and scientific publications in high-impact journals.

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Potential applications of Nexdot’s materials

Nexdot’s materials have the potential to revolutionize several industries, including:

  • Display technology: The unique properties of Nexdot’s Nanoplatelets make them ideal for use in displays, enabling higher brightness, better color purity, and improved efficiency.
  • Lighting: Nexdot’s materials could be used to create brighter, more efficient LED lights, which could have significant energy-saving implications.
  • Energy storage: The high surface area-to-volume ratio of Nexdot’s Nanoplatelets makes them ideal for use in energy storage devices, such as batteries and supercapacitors.
  • Detectors: The unique properties of Nexdot’s materials make them ideal for use in detectors, such as those used in medical imaging and security screening.
  • Bio-imaging: The high brightness and color purity of Nexdot’s materials make them ideal for use in bio-imaging, enabling more precise and accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Nexdot is a prime example of a startup that is pushing the boundaries of science and technology to create innovative solutions that have the potential to revolutionize several industries. With their unique Nanoplatelets, Nexdot is taking the potential of Quantum Dots to a whole new level, and we can’t wait to see what they will achieve next.



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